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Finally Finn release day


24716722Book Title: Finally Finn
Author: Brandace Morrow
Genre: New Adult Erotic Romance (novella)
Release Date: March 5, 2015
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Synopsis 3

Isn’t it always when you think your life is looking up, that you have to be batted back down? You finally think you’re climbing your way out of the hole, until someone steps on your hands.

I thought our relationship was evolving past benefits and into committed, until I realized that everything I knew about the man in my bed was a lie.

Call me a fool, but I help him anyway.


“I hate you.
“I want to take tweezers and pull all of the hair from your balls.
“Don’t think I’m doing this for you, you lying bastard.
“A pox upon your taint, Finnigan Brennick!
“You are the biggest douche nugget I have ever met, and I’ve met a fuck ton, asshole.”
I’m yelling my rage in the overlarge cab of the monster truck I’m driving when my phone rings. I answer, but don’t say anything.
“Sadie?” Speaking of assholes.
I sniff in disdain and say as neutrally as possible, “Finnigan.”
“So it’s going to be like that, huh? Okay, did you have any trouble with the car?” Batty asks. I think about the Mercedes that I left in the ditch by his driveway. Stick shifts are harder to drive than I ever thought possible.
“Nope,” I lie. He’s quiet, like he doesn’t believe me.
“Well, that’s good, then,” he says skeptically. He definitely doesn’t believe me.
“Your destination is on the right,” the GPS’s automated voice says loudly.
“Listen, babe, I’m—”
“I have to go,” I cut him off. I am in no mood to hear terms of endearment. I disconnect the call with one hand and turn the wheel with the other to enter the school. “Fuck!” I yell as I hit the curb.
5 Pennies

Five Stars just doesn’t seem like enough when rating this amazing book from Brandace Morrow.  Finally Finn is a part of a series that I would give 5+Stars to infinity if I could.  In this book we get to see more into Sadie and Finn’s lives but also into the lives of others from the Los Rancheros Series.

After how we were left at the end of Forgetting Popper, I just wasn’t sure what to expect.  I just knew that Batty had a lot of explaining to do….

I absolutely loved every minute of this book, as well as the entire Finding Sadie series.  The relationship between Sadie and Finn, the chemistry between Batty and Robin, the love and attention and time spent in the hospital granting wishes, the development of the new adventure in Sadie’s life and career, the growth of family, the sadness and loss, and finding what you never knew you were looking for ~ every minute of the story is emotionally driven, fun-loving, pull at your heart strings kinds of moments that you don’t want to see end.

In the beginning of the series we saw pieces of what Popper was, or what she thought she had to be, her discovery of Sadie and what she could be was amazing to experience.   Then along with her journey to see the many sides of Finn, his family and his secrets was just added icing on the proverbial cake.

I never wanted the story to end, yes there were moments of anger while reading with Finn and frustration with Sadie, as well as many tears but each and every minute was well worth all of the emotion.  I was just sad to see it end.  Brandace Morrow, I am not sure how you do it, but don’t stop your characters are fun-loving down to earth and so very lovable, their stories deserve to be read by all…..  ❤





Author Bio

profilepic2Brandace Morrow is a full time mom of four, and currently stationed overseas with her sexy soldier. Her recent obsessions are Maroon 5, Luke Bryan, The Pretty Reckless, rum and coke, and reading, in no particular order. Despite being terribly awkward with social media, she’s everywhere. Frequently subjecting the public to pictures of her minion’s messes, and everything that is momdom in the Morrow house.

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NEW RELEASE and EPIC GIVEAWAY ~ Slow Burn by K. Bromberg (Penny Stephanie)

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slow burn - blog tour

 Meet Becks & Haddie in SLOW BURN – the newest stand alone in the Driven Series by K. Bromberg!

slow burn cover


Synopsis 3


Reeling from the sudden loss of her sister, Haddie Montgomery has sworn off relationships. All she wanted from Beckett Daniels was a sexy distraction to help her escape her pain for just a little while….There weren’t supposed to be any strings attached—so why can’t she shake the memory of that unforgettable night from her thoughts? Or the taste of his kiss from her lips?

No matter how hard Haddie tries to forget about him, Becks relentlessly tries to prove that she should start living for today. But she is determined to avoid romantic commitment, and she can always use her ex-boyfriend’s reappearance to help snuff out the slow burn within her that Becks has sparked….

Or will fate force her to realize that this kind of connection doesn’t come along very often and a chance at love is worth the risk?

slow burn teaser 4

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slow burn teaser 3


He bites his bottom lip and grimaces. “Fuck!” He growls out to the trees above him and then rolls his shoulders to dissipate some of the stress I see settling there. “Semantics aren’t an excuse. An omission is the same as lying Haddie, but you’re missing the point entirely. It’s not whether it was a lie or not. It’s so damn far from that. It’s you using the sex we’ve had to numb yourself when it should do the exact opposite. It should light your body on fire and burrow so deep under your skin that all you think about is the next time you can have me…because fuck if that’s not what you’ve done to me. So I call your bluff. I’ll keep calling it every fucking day until you admit you want me, that being with me does that to you too…but you won’t will you?” I just remain still, face impassive, body raging with emotion beneath the surface. “You’d rather stand there and tell me you prefer the numb, the void, the nothing, than admit you need me.”

His eyes have their own language as we stare at each other, the power of his words bringing tears to my eyes and knocking the words from my lips. “I was just doing what I thought was best, protecting everyone from more hurt, more everything.” And I hate the numb, I scream silently. I hate it so fucking much that every time we touch you make me feel so alive I realize how dead I’ve felt inside over the past year.

I don’t know why I don’t tell him the rest. Like if I do then I’m just sealing my fate by Murphy’s fucking Law so I keep quiet.

“Really? That’s all you’ve got for me? Next time make sure your eyes and your lips match up City because you’re just adding insult to injury right now. Your refusal to answer is infuriating. Need me Haddie. Use me as your goddamn emotional punching bag or your real one for that matter but fucking need me. I’m not some schmuck who’s going to bolt at the first rough patch and the fact that you still don’t see that is a crock.” He blows out a loud breath, jaw clenched, anger palpable. “I’m so fucking pissed but I’m also so fucking mesmerized by you right now and I don’t know what the hell to do or say. All I know is that protecting someone from the truth is just another way of shutting them out.”

slow burn teaser 2


Slow Burn Playlist

slow burn teaser 6Author Bio

kristy bromberg

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author K. Bromberg is that reserved woman sitting in the corner who has you all fooled about the wild child inside of her—the one she lets out every time her fingertips touch the computer keyboard.

She lives in Southern California with her husband and three children. When she needs a break from the daily chaos of her life, you can most likely find her on the treadmill or with Kindle in hand, devouring the pages of a good, saucy book.

On a whim, K. Bromberg decided to try her hand at this writing thing. Her debut novels, Driven, Fueled, and Crashed of The Driven Trilogy were well received and went on to become multi-platform bestsellers as well as landing on the New York Times and USA Today lists. Her other works include a short story, UnRaveled, and a companion piece to The Driven Trilogy titled Raced. She is currently working on three stand alone Driven novels, Slow Burn, Sweet Ache, and Hard Beat. She also plans to release a novel addressing the 10 year gap at the ending of Crashed in late fall 2015.

slow burn teaser 7

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Ricochet Release Banner


Title: Ricochet
Author: Jessica Wilde
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: February 23, 2015
Release Day Blitz: February 25, 2015




Ricochet Full Cover

Synopsis 3


It’s the last thing I remembered.

I was afraid.

Afraid to fight, afraid to run… afraid to breathe.

Then, everything had gone dark. As if life was finally hearing my pleas, my cries to end the torment. To end the fear.

But even in the dark, I still felt it.

I always felt it.

My life had been a ricochet of one event leading to the next. Bouncing back and forth from good to bad. Happiness to despair. Hope to fear.

My name is Arianna West. I’m stronger now. Steady. Alive.

I can find a way to survive on my own. I can see what is coming for me. I can channel my fear into strength.

Except… I didn’t see Jack.

And Jack changed everything.

For readers 18+ due to language, violence, and sexual content.

Ricochet Teaser 4


I laughed. A laugh so deep that the muscles in my abdomen flexed. How long had it been since I had felt that? Too long. I hadn’t really laughed in a long time and something so simple had brought it out of me.

Jack had brought it out of me.

“God, I missed that laugh,” Jack whispered.

I went silent, so suddenly that my breath couldn’t keep up and it came rushing out with the emotion that had been built up inside of me.

Tears immediately sprang to my eyes and the heaviness in my chest was back.

My life had changed so much. Everything had changed.


“Ari, please don’t cry.”

He had turned his body towards me and was holding my face in his hands. The tears running down my cheeks didn’t make it far. He wiped each one away.

He saw the moment my control slipped and I just couldn’t seem to stop the tears. That’s when he pulled me into his arms. Arms that had always made everything better. Strong fingers combed through my hair, down my temple, across my jaw, then retraced their way back up and into my hair once more. He was giving me whatever comfort he could while I sobbed on his chest.

I should have been embarrassed about the quick change in my mood. I should have felt ridiculous. Childish. With Jack, though, I never had to worry about being anyone but myself no matter who I was now.

“So much is gone,” I said in a broken and weak voice. “So much is missing from me.”

“No, Ari. You’re still in there, babe, just a little harder to reach.”

I shook my head. In denial? I wasn’t sure. He was only half right.

“I’ve bent too far for too long. I’m broken,” I whispered. So much regret came pouring out of me and I couldn’t control it.

I had been slowly breaking for three years and my determination to move on was waning much faster than I could ever keep up with.

Jack buried his fingers in my hair and I felt the press of his lips on the top of my head. When he spoke, the tone of his voice sounded defeated. Resigned. “The world breaks everyone, and afterward, many are strong at the broken places.”

I sniffed as the rumble in his chest vibrated against my cheek. His shirt was wet from my tears and I knew I looked like a mess, but I looked up at him anyway.

“What is that from?” I asked.

“What? You don’t think I could come up with something so profound by myself?” he teased.

“I know damn well you could, Jack.”

He looked at me for a moment, his eyes searching mine and his fingers sweeping a lock of hair back behind my ear. If I didn’t know any better, I would think he was reading my mind, seeing all my secrets, all my broken places. “It’s Ernest Hemingway. He said that.”

“Do you believe it?”

“I do. So much so that I tattooed it on my shoulder the first chance I got,” he mumbled with a short chuckle.

I glanced down at his shoulder. It was too dark to see much of anything, but the moonlight streaming in the window showed enough when he lifted his shirt sleeve. The words were there, permanently inked into his skin just above a complex shape that I couldn’t quite make out.

Book Trailer


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Ricochet Teaser 3

Ricochet Teaser 1

Author Bio

I live in Morgan Utah with my husband, daughter, and dog, Kolo. I write as often as my active daughter will let me and my husband has the patience of a saint. I find inspiration from dreams, people I meet, and life experiences. When I write, I usually end up drinking one too many cans of Peace Tea, eating three too many Fruit by the Foot fruit snacks, and accidently kicking my pup and best buddy, Kolo, too many times since he loves to sleep under my desk at my feet.
I started writing as a teen, but my fear of the unknown won out every time and I threw everything out. After becoming a mother and deciding to stay at home to raise my beautiful little girl, I tried again when I couldn’t stop thinking of ideas. I loved every minute, every hour of sleep lost, and every character that came to life in my mind.
It’s strange, but my favorite moments are when I have writer’s block because I can turn to my husband and find inspiration through him by just doing what we do best together. Talking, laughing, and just being in love. He doesn’t like to read, but he never stops encouraging me to keep going.
Writing has become an important part of my life and every book has a special place in my heart.

Jessica Wilde

Author Links

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Forgetting Popper-Finding Sadie Blog Tour Banner.2



Book Title: Finding Sadie
Author: Brandace Morrow
Genre: New Adult Romance (Novella)
Release Date: February 2015
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Book Title: Forgetting Popper
Author: Brandace Morrow
Genre: New Adult Romance (Novel)
Release Date: February 2015


Synopsis 3

FSebookFinding Sadie

At fifteen, I took on the role of Popper out of necessity, forgetting the person I was. That’s when I became the lead singer of a grunge metal band.

Now at twenty-two I’m cocky, a pessimist, and violent. My shrink is even fed up with me, suggesting I try something radical to appreciate the value of life.

She gives me a card that leads me to him, and ultimately I find . . . me.


FPebookForgetting Popper

Being a celebrity makes people think they know who I am. Just because I can’t leave my house without a camera in my face, doesn’t mean you know me.

The sad part is that for so long, I thought of myself the same way everyone else does. Screaming at mosh pits, I personify Popper, lead singer of the band Chimera.

But I have a secret life. A life where I’m a hero, where people look up to me. When my fake celebrity world comes crashing down, and I’m left with not only my secret, but others as well, there is one man standing behind me.

The only thing is, he has the biggest secrets of all.


FSebookFinding Sadie

He lets go of my legs to tangle in my hair, pulling his fists taut as his chest abrades my nipples. Then he gets to work. Fucking me. He fucks me into the mattress. It’s hard and powerful. Luscious and smooth.

“What do you want?” he rasps against my cheek.

I move my hands to his back, nails digging into flesh. “Everything.”

“Not everything. Not yet,” he gasps, pulling away from me. Breaking that delicious friction he has with my chest to pull my thighs back to the bed.

His pace speeds up, so fast I can only stare, my eyes wanting to close but I can’t miss a second. Then he pulls me farther up, my ass and lower back in the air and I explode.

My eyes slam shut, my body arching, thrashing as he holds me down.

“Fucking, yes, yes, give it to me, baby,” he gasps between thrusts as I feel him harden impossibly further, then pulsing inside of me.

I expect to take his weight after he comes, but he rolls to the side. My legs move more slowly. Sore. I am definitely going to be sore tomorrow.

He gasps beside me, lying on his back. One hand is over his head, bicep bulging. Fuck, can I keep him?

As if he hears the thought, he sits up with another groan, getting off the bed. He disappears in the bathroom, and I try to regulate my breathing. Getting rid of round one for two? I may be ready for that. Maybe.

But when he comes back, it’s not to the bed, but his clothes. I sit up and watch silently as he pulls first boxer briefs, then jeans over his muscular thighs. Finally he turns to me and licks his lips, his hands on his hips.

“What’s your name?”

God. Damn it. Way to ruin the mood. What did I really think I was getting here? I knew but it’s always a wake-up call.


With a single chin lift, he’s gone.




Finding Sadie _ teaser








Author Bio

profilepic2Brandace Morrow is a full time mom of four, and currently stationed overseas with her sexy soldier. Her recent obsessions are Maroon 5, Luke Bryan, The Pretty Reckless, rum and coke, and reading, in no particular order. Despite being terribly awkward with social media, she’s everywhere. Frequently subjecting the public to pictures of her minion’s messes, and everything that is momdom in the Morrow house.

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Additional Books by the author


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Title: Dark Phoenix
Author: Elise Faber
Series: Phoenix
Genre: Paranormal/New Adult
Publisher: Blue Tulip Publishing

dark phoenix

From the author of Phoenix Rising, comes the second novel in the Phoenix Series. A tale of darkness, love, and mortal enemies…

Synopsis 3

Black magic. Immoral monsters. Death. And bone-deep, soul-to-soul love with a green-eyed man hell-bent on owning every part of her heart.

Daughtry’s life changed forever when she bonded with Cody and began to control her visions. Yet as she masters her magic, those very same abilities threaten to harm the people she holds most dear.

When an opportunity arises for her to fix a past wrong, does she dare risk using her magic in order to set things right again?

A soul sweeping darkness is lurking at the Colony, making the choice for her and threatening the world she’s built for herself. But Daughtry soon discovers that if she’s to have the future and love she’s always wanted, she must fight for it.


Buy Links

Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo | Smashwords

Meet Daughtry



Ability: Can view and manipulate people’s deaths (Tertiary Level of magic)

Age: 24

Magic color: Violet

Bonded with Cody

Fun Facts: Regularly binges on bad reality television shows, loves chocolate and Diet Coke, hates onions

Favorite Quote (or poem in this case):

“And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

— Do not go gentle into that good night by Dylan Thomas

beautiful black hair young woman with blue eyes


The Background

The Rengalla

Descended from magical beings that could control the elements, the Rengalla appear human but are more. Besides their magical abilities, they live on average a millennium and a half, are rarely sick, and heal rapidly.


The LexTals

An elite group of warriors whose purpose is to protect the Rengalla from the Dalshie. The current LexTals are: Dante, Cody, John, Morgan, Mason, Monroe, Tyler and two new recruits whose names the rest of them haven’t bothered to learn yet (the training is excruciating and the fail rate is high).


The Dalshie

“Turned” Rengalla who’ve been corrupted by their magic — who’ve used their powers to hurt others. As the infected magic invades their mind and soul, a stain spreads over their body, starting from their palms and spreading up their arms. Once the taint reaches the heart and brain, every trace of the former Rengalla is lost, leaving only a cruel, inhuman monster in its wake.


Recognize these evil creatures from their stained palms. They can glamour most of the taint of the black magic, but cannot hide the infection on the center of their hands. They also heal instantly, have red eyes (when their glamour fails), and can only be killed — ashed — via decapitation or a direct strike to their heart.


Magic of the Rengalla

Primary or elemental involves controlling individual elements — fire, air, water, and earth

Secondary is combining 2 or more elements into another power, e.g. healing or teleportation

Tertiary is the capacity of foresight (involves any ability to see the future whether it involves a specific person or the entire world) — those with this power are most at risk of turning Dalshie


Magic of the Dalshie

Once they’ve begun to turn, the Dalshie can no longer manipulate the elements. They retain magic, but it turns black and it can only hurt — burn, maim, destroy.



The Colony

Located on the border of Kentucky and Tennessee, this hidden building is the home of the majority of the Rengalla. It’s tucked in a stretch of rarely occupied National Forest and is glamoured to appear like an ugly old warehouse in order to keep the humans away. It’s also protected by a shield that prevents the Dalshie from getting in an attacking the Rengalla.





DP teaser 4




An Interview with Daughtry

You didn’t know you were Rengalla until recently, correct? How’s the adjustment been?

D: About as well as you’d expect. It was a relief to finally understand why my mind was showing me the visions, to know that I wasn’t crazy, that I was special. *Daughtry rolls her eyes at this* I’m working to control my magic, but the ability to manipulate death isn’t something I would wish on anyone else. No one should have the power to play God.


What’s bonding all about?

D: Bonding is our magic’s way of uniting two Rengallan powers in a way that strengthens them both. For me, the bond has supplemented my magic, giving me the ability shield myself from unwanted visions. For Cody, it gave him control and leveled out his powers.


But in reality, it’s more than that. Aside from the magical consequences, the bond unites us on a telepathic — and soul-deep — level. The link between our minds allows us to share thoughts and emotions and sense where the other person is at.


It’s both wonderful and a burden to be so open to another person. There are no games, no hidden agendas, but sometimes being able to read another person’s every thought isn’t easy. *Daughtry pauses* Sometimes you hear things that you really wish you hadn’t.


On a lighter note, you’re a known chocaholic. So tell me, what’s your go to chocolate choice?

D: Ice cream. Without a doubt, plain chocolate ice cream. I could eat a gallon of the stuff.


What couldn’t you live without?

D: You mean besides Cody? *Grins* Wifi! I binge on tv shows and would be lost without Netflix and instant streaming.


What’s your favorite possession?

D: For Christmas, Cody got me a bracelet of woven green and purple strands. I don’t know where he got it, but the threads of both colors so tightly wound is a perfect representation of how the bond looks in my mind. Every time I look at it, feel it brush against my skin, I’m reminded of how much he loves me.


Phoenix Series

Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo | Smashwords


Author Bio

elisefaber author photo

Despite moonlighting as a zookeeper and then a dog trainer, Elise decided that the only mammals she wanted to work with were her dark and sexy heroes and heroines. She inherited her love of reading from her mother and grandmother who dutifully kept stacks of romances where her teenaged fingers could easily pilfer them. She lives in Northern California with her three dogs, two energetic (read crazy) boys, and her awesome (see prior comment) husband.

Facebook | Twitter | Website | Amazon | Goodreads | Wattpad | Tumblr | Pinterest | tsu

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Enter to win a SIGNED copy of DARK PHOENIX or one of TWO ebooks!

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Title: Strip Back
Series: Naked Nights #0.5
Author: Ava Manello
Cover by:MargreetAsselbergs
Hosted by:Francessca’s Romance Reviews

Synopsis 3Strip back teaser (1)

Strip Back brings you back to how the Naked Night’s began. This is Eric’s story. Back when life was a little less polished, and a whole lot harder.

Before there was Strip Teaser, there was Eric; manager and founder of the Naked Night’s male stripper troupe.

You wouldn’t think you’d be past it at 34, but that’s the position Eric found himself in, as well as newly single after finding his girlfriend in a compromising position.

Setting up the Naked Night’s wasn’t easy, it wasn’t fun, and it wasn’t without sleaze, but somehow he did it.

Strip Back is a humorous and steamy tale of one man’s journey to fulfill a dream. Not all male strippers are the same.

Add to Goodreads

TeaserTeaser2-stripback (1)Teaser-stripback (1)

Review5 Pennies


Eric’s story and the creation of Naked Night’s…

During this book we get to see what Eric’s thought process was in the creation of Naked Night’s, the turning point at which he decided it was time to make a change in his life and to witness the connection and coming together of him and Christy.

To be told at the age of 34 you are too old for your profession, had to be quite the wakeup call for Eric.

This book was very entertaining and enjoyable.  I loved Naked Night’s book 1, Strip Teaser, but wasn’t sure what to expect with a prequel book.  This book surpassed anything I could have imagined.  We got to meet the guys from the beginning, learn their personalities and see more of Eric the person not just the stripper.

This story is one man’s journey in discovering he can do anything he sets his mind too.  He discovers what true friendship is in Tiny and he also discovers what it feels like to truly love and lose that love before it even has a chance to go anywhere.  I enjoyed every minute of this book and just wish it was longer.  I can’t wait to see what is next to come in the Naked Night’s series from Ava Manello.




Buy Links

Purchase Links

Amazon CA
Amazon AUS
Amazon UK
Amazon USA
Page Foundry



Strip Teaser (Naked Nights #1)

Barnes & Noble
Amazon UK
Amazon USA

Author Bio

Author Pic (1)

Passionate reader, blogger, publisher, and author. I love nothing more than helping other Indie authors publish their books be that reviewing, beta reading, formatting or proofreading,

I love erotic suspense that’s well written and engages the reader, and I love promoting the heck out of it over on my book blog.

I’m a mother, but most of all I’m me!

Author Links



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dec 13th banner

dec 13th all 3 cover


#BookEnthu #BookBlitz

Becoming Them by Elizabeth Lynx

Genre: Contemporary/ Erotic Romance

Release Date: October 18th 2014

dec 13cover 2

Buy Links:

Becoming Them (Book 3 Him Her Them Series)

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Barnes and Noble:


 dec 13th cover

Reaching Her (Book 2 Him Her Them Series)


Amazon UK:

Barnes and Noble:


dec 13th cover 3

Grading Him (Book 1 Him Her Them Series)


Amazon UK:

Barnes and Noble:




Giveaway 1


Enter here ➜ ➜

Add the book to Goodreads ➜

Synopsis 3


Josephine Powell has a Grade A man in Pierce. She has a great career as Assistant Professor of Psychology with a chance for a full professorship. Even her friend Luna has found love in Pierce’s friend Corbin. So why is her world starting to turn upside down. Her co-worker treats her as if there is a serious joke she isn’t getting and Pierce keeps pulling away. Is everything good in her straight A life or is something very dark lurking in the shadows waiting to destroy everything?

Pierce Carver has the most beautiful girlfriend in the world. He would do anything for her, except tell her the truth. He knows that will destroy them and possibly her too. Can he hang on to Josephine or will his past be the cancer that kills all that he loves?

This is the final book in the Him Her Them Series. As with the other books there is hot sex with hot characters…so fair warning!

dec 11th teaser 3

Author Bio

Meet the Author:

Elizabeth Lynx grew up in Maryland and lived an average life. In college she was a theater major, but she didn’t think she was that good so she left the acting world behind once she graduated. She did keep up writing comedy sketches and eventually pursued Improv. That took her to Chicago where she was in the Second City Conservatory Program. But, to her husband’s chagrin, she gave up Improv. Now she is a writer, no longer the performer. She makes characters perform for her on the page. She and her husband and two little boys have moved back to the Washington DC area to be closer to family. Every day while her boys eat, sleep or play she writes.

 Author Links

Social Links:








“I’m going to tell her tonight Corbin. This time I will do it, I swear.”

My foot is tapping the wood porch in front of Jos and Luna’s place while my hand keeps combing my hair back. Damn it why can’t I get up the nerve to tell Josephine about Robin? Because she will hate me that’s why. Jesus, I hate me. No wonder that prick Ryan was being such a dick. I think he’s just a natural asshole but with the information he has, he is ready to take me down. That shit bag is chomping at the bit to sink his teeth into Josephine. I know once she learns what happened she’ll dump me. Perhaps that’s what I deserve, to have the most beautiful woman show me heaven and then drop my ass.

God, I hate myself right now.

“Well, wait until after dinner, okay Pierce? I want to have a good time tonight.”

Corbin pats me on the back and rings the doorbell. We can hear laughter coming from inside. The door swings wide and Luna is standing there in a long green silk dress looking almost as striking as the gorgeous raven haired beauty standing just behind her.

My nerves disappear for a moment as I try to catch my breath. Josephine has her head tilted down ever so slightly, but her gaze is set upon me. She is so beautiful standing there in her white dress. It makes her skin glow or eyes sparkle or something that stops the world for that moment.

Luna practically knocks me over to get to Corbin, jumping into his arms and snapping me back into reality. I feel a hand on my arm, firm but gentle if that can happen. Looking over, I see Josephine smiling.

“Are you okay Pierce? You should watch where you’re going Luna, you nearly knocked over my man!”

Did she just call me her man? Perhaps this double date wasn’t such a good idea. I am sure Corbin won’t mind if I cancel and Josephine and I stay the night in bed.

“Are you feeling alright Pierce? You have a strange look on your face.”

“Ahhh…Yeah, I’m okay. Sorry, my mind was somewhere else for a moment.”

“I think I can guess Pierce — did it have anything to do with my bedroom?”

She is smirking as she somehow reads my mind right now. How does she do that?

I wrap my arm around her waist and pull her in to feel her warm body next to mine. The soft beat of her heart reverberates through me as I inhale her sweet floral scent. I don’t think I will ever be able to smell honeysuckles ever again without Josephine popping into my head. Even if she leaves me. Shit! I just remembered why she would leave me. I nuzzle my head into her neck to make the nerves go away.

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#SneakPeek #Giveaway #RomanticSuspense #AllynLesley #BookEnthu

Deeper by Allyn Lesley Sneak Peek

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: January 2015

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Synopsis 3


Everything Avianna Linton thought she knew was shattered in one traffic stop. With her life turned upside down, she flees to the bright lights of New York City hoping for anonymity and a new life.

Rising from nothing, Noah Adams holds onto his power and control with a bone-crushing grip. No one dared challenge his authority until her…

Avi’s disdain for Noah is barely contained, and Noah does everything he can to restrain himself—a concept he has little experience with.

There’s more between the two than either of them realize. A force looms near, hovering with deadly precision and motivated solely by revenge.

Avi wonders who her new friends truly are and if she’s already in too deep. Noah, accustomed to getting what he wants, will do whatever it takes to draw Avi’s in deeper.

Deeper is an interracial romantic suspense novel by new author Allyn Lesley.

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Author Bio


Allyn Lesley writes real stories about real people.

As a teen, Allyn lost herself in the pages of some of Romance’s heavyweights, trusting that a happy ever after was just around the corner. In Allyn’s own writing journey, as in life, she’s learned that people don’t always experience recovery and restoration after a fall. Her stories speak to the gritty side of life where the right choice isn’t always easily identified and happiness not quickly gained.

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Dec 12th teaser



© Allyn Lesley 2014

Where the fuck is that little she-devil?

Zo pointed toward the dance floor, addressing his employer’s unvoiced question. “Under the ball.”

Noah saw her clear as day and dancing way too close with someone who might soon be leaving the club with a limp. He blew out a breath. She knew better than this, yet she still tested the limits set up for her protection.

A restraining hand on Noah’s arm paused him mid-stride. “Boss?”

Noah’s eyes widened at Zo’s hand. Immediately, the younger man’s hand fell away, and he wisely stepped back. Even in the dim light, Noah saw embarrassment tinge Zo’s face.

            “I, um. Excuse me, Mister Adams, but I can’t let you go over there,” Zo said, swallowing the fear his boss evoked.

“Let. Me?” Noah pointed at himself and straightened to his impressive six feet and five inches. “And who’s going to stop me?”


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Title: Shiver

Author: CM Foss

Release Date: Nov 22, 2014

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Synopsis 3

This is a love story.

This is a romantic story.

Except bananas. Bananas are never romantic.

Lissa was a twenty-year-old girl trying to make it in the equestrian world. She was sassy and smart, strong and a little weird. And she had no idea what she was doing.

Ethan was twenty-seven, tattooed, tall, dark, and hot. And lugging some baggage. He’d already made it in the business and brought Lissa on to help get her on her feet. And it turned out, he liked a little weird.

Ethan made it clear that he wasn’t in the market for a relationship. Lissa was happy to learn the ropes and push her attraction aside.

But how do you draw the line when every touch makes you…shiver?

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“Dance with me?” Lawrence’s voice behind me pulled me from my musings.

I turned with a smile. “Why thank you, sir.”

I followed him onto the dance floor, the orchestra playing a Frank Sinatra ballad. He swept me into his arms like, well, like the perfect gay best friend.

“Don’t you say it.”

“Say what?” I asked innocently.

“I am not your gay best friend. I have sisters. They took dance lessons. My mom made me partner them.”

I couldn’t help laughing loudly, drawing some disapproving glances. He quickly spun me and dipped me in playful retaliation. As he drew me back up, I stood staring straight into Ethan’s heated gaze. 

“Can I cut in?” he asked without breaking our eye contact. 

From the corner of my eye, I caught Lawrence nodding and stepping away before I was pulled flush to Ethan and we glided across the floor. 

“You look absolutely stunning.” He breathed softly into my ear, his right hand settling low, really low, on my bare back, and I shivered.

“Cold?” I felt him smile.

“No, I’m not cold,” I stated quietly, enjoying the feel of being in his arms, the texture of him beneath his tuxedo, and the touch of our hands. 

“Are you having fun tonight?”

“I am.” I nodded slowly. “Ididn’t know you would be here.”

“I came as a trophy.”

I pulled back to look in his eyes. “Whose trophy? And why?” I was a little irrationally angry and felt stupid that I thought we were having a kind of moment, only to find out he was here with someone else.

“Why are you angry? You do realize you’re here with a date too, right?”

I waved him off. “Lawrence and I are just friends. He’s my arm candy for the night. And maybe a kiss at midnight if I get tipsy enough.”

He glared at me, jaw flexing back and forth. “You’re just friends who sleep together?”

“No. Just friends. As in… actual friends. Nothing more.”

“Why have you both been blatantly flaunting your relationship in front of me then?”

I shrugged. “It tickled me.”

“It tickled you,” he repeated slowly, dangerously. 

“Yes. It did. It tickled me to see your mood swings every day, and I was making bets on when you were going to start your period.”

Despite his irritation, he laughed out loud. “God, you’re weird.” He pulled me closer, wrapping my arms up around his neck and sliding his hands down my bare arms and then down my back, settling them there. “Idon’t know what I’m doing with you,” he muttered softly.



I Don’t Dance – Lee Brice

Hard to Love – Lee Brice

A Woman Like You – Lee Brice

Power Of A Woman – Lee Brice

Beautiful Every Time – Lee Brice

She Ain’t Right – Lee Brice

Falling Apart Together – Lee Brice

No Better Than This – Lee Brice

Author Bio

I live in beautiful Northern Virginia with my incredible husband, two awesome kids, three dogs, and two budgies. My husband and I both grew up riding and competing horses and have our own equestrian operation that we run together. In my spare time, I read through the hundreds of stories awaiting me on my e-reader.

My love of books started early, and my mom used to ration my reading time so I didn’t go through them too quickly. I love all things romantic, whether it’s dark or light or silly or dirty, but I really love a happy ending!

In my small moments of quiet time, you’ll find me sipping on wine and reading while any movie where people randomly burst into song or dance plays in the background.

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Bear ebook

Synopsis 3

Synopsis of Bear, Rebel Wayfarers MC Book #3:

Rob Crew had purpose in his life. He was a devoted husband, doting father, and committed Navy man…then his life changed forever. Cast adrift, he finds friendships in the Rebel Wayfarers Motorcycle Club and fulfillment as he transitions into the role of loyal and supportive club member. He becomes Bear, a man who fills an important position in this brotherhood of bikers.

A caregiver by nature, Eddie’s chosen career focuses on helping the most vulnerable – teaching special needs children and young adults. Surrounded by loving family and friends, she is content with what she considers her full and satisfying life…until she meets Bear, an enforcer for the local MC. Even through their initial encounter is brief, she can’t make herself forget the pain in his eyes as he turned away from her.

Their lives intersect at surprising intervals, with each contact underscoring the attraction and connection they share. Can Eddie convince Bear that it is okay to move past his pain and love again?


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4.5 Pennies

Bear’s story is an amazing read; you can’t help but fall in love with him…

When Rob had to move with his family as a child he had no idea what an impact the friends he made would have on his life.  Andrea (Drea) is the girl who befriended Rob when he first moved into the neighborhood and they become quick friends, along with her brother Joel.  After joining the Navy it seemed like Rob had it all, he had a wife, the love of his life, a baby on the way, what more could he ask for.  But he learns that things can change in an instant.

The journey that Rob embarks on after the service is one of many challenges and accomplices but he still continues to carry around the guilt and loss with him everywhere he goes.

After joining the Rebel MC’s and becoming Bear, it seemed as though he was beginning another chapter in life.  He had a group of brothers that were loyal and family.

After one brief sighting of the beautiful women outside the Rebel’s compound in Fort Wayne, Bear couldn’t get her out of his mind.  Throughout the next many years he sees her off and on but doesn’t have any contact.  The chemistry and connection seen from the first sighting of each other, between Bear and Edith, only grew with time, they both had visions and fantasies of the other throughout the years.  Finally one day fate stepped and from there all sorts of crazy things happened.  You couldn’t expect anything less when dealing with multiple MC clubs coming together.

There is so much more to say about this book, so many people that you just fall in love with.  I have to say Tug is amazing and I love the connection we get to witness with a potential love interest after all these years since his wife passed.  There are many moments that took my breath away.  The time with the Baugh Brothers was great, all the different road trips he went on, the heartbreaking story of Andrea and Ashley, it all comes together to create the person, Rob Crew ‘Bear’.

This book has drama, suspense, HOT Alpha Male MC members, loss, love and so much more.  I loved every minute of this book.  Bear’s story has its up’s and downs and it also reminds us just how precious life is.  There are no guarantees, that we must live for the moment and not take anything for granted.  I love the Rebel MC club they are a great group of brothers and I can’t wait to read the next installment in 2015.




Rob smiled up at Ashley from his prone position on the sandy beach. “Sweetness, did you know you are the most important woman in my life? I love you, Ash,” he said thoughtfully. She nodded, brown eyes twinkling as she grinned down at him. “I love you so much,” he told her, reaching his arms up and gathering her to him as she fell into them.

“I love you too,” she whispered in his ear. Laughing, she kissed his cheek and then with a grin, she rubbed wet sand into his hair, pulling away and hopping up from the sand.

“Oh, I’m gonna get you for that,” he yelled at her as she stopped, barely out of reach, holding her stomach and laughing.

Rolling to his feet, tearing down the beach after her as she sprinted away, he called, “Last one to the blanket buys lunch.” She glanced over her shoulder at him and put her head down, arms pumping as she ran hard towards the section of beach they’d claimed as their own with a blanket and lounge chairs.

Rob slowed down with a smile, letting her pull ahead of him, watching as her long, blonde ponytail swung back and forth with her efforts, brilliant in the sunshine. She was so beautiful, and he was astonished every time he realized she was his.

Looking ahead, he saw they had a visitor and knew the moment she saw the person sitting in one of the lounge chairs, because she angled her trajectory towards the chair, leaping over it at the last moment and scattering sand all over her target.

“Aahhh, not on my dress,” came a yell from the chair, tempered with laughter.Ashley danced on the blanket, stomping her feet and waving her arms in the air with a wide grin on her face. “I won! I won! I beat you, Daddy!”

Jerking awake, Rob jackknifed up off the couch to his feet, walking stiffly across the room. It was no use; he could never go anywhere to get away, but he just had to move. Breathing hard, he leaned his back against the wall, looking down at his hands, curling them into fists over and over in an effort to control the shaking.

He saw drops of something on his chest and stomach, and lifting a hand to his face, he found it wet. He hadn’t even realized he was crying. Scrubbing the tears away with his palms, he held his hands out again, seeing the tremors were beginning to subside. He hated these fucking dreams; they destroyed him for days. He would much rather not dream at all, not think, not remember.

Twenty-five years ago, life was simple and easy. When he was thirteen, his parents had moved the family from Painted Post, New York to Bayonne, New Jersey for his dad’s job. He went to school, saw his friends, hung out, and went home…rinse and repeat.

Hell, even just eleven years ago, life had still been easy and good, predictable. Go home and love on his two angels, deploy and sink below the sea, visit ports of call so he could buy things for his family…rinse and repeat.

Now, his life consisted of a new name in a new city; he’d gotten as far away as he could from where he’d lived with his wife and daughter, from his family. He was Bear, badass enforcer for a Chicago MC, had hundreds of brothers, and lived a loveless life. Wake up, fuck somebody up, come home alone…rinse and repeat. Life was fucking easy.

Pulling in a deep breath, he counted to ten and then slowly released it, looking down at his hands. Steady and rock-solid now, it seemed the moment had passed. He grabbed a bottle of water from the refrigerator, intending to head over to the corner of the apartment that held his desk. He spent hours working on the computer. It was engrossing, and the required preciseness of his work soothed him.

Pausing, he stopped and turned, going to the couch and sitting down instead. He reached behind the table next to the couch, pulling out a battered acoustic guitar. Settling the PRS across his knee, he hunched over the instrument, aptly named Angelus, and set his fingers to the frets and strings. Bear closed his eyes, hearing the music in his head. Slowly, his hands began to move, and he softly played the intro to a classical piece.


Author Bio

Raised in the south, MariaLisa learned about the magic of books at an early age. Every summer, she would spend hours in the local library, devouring books of every genre. Self-described as a book-a-holic, she says “I’ve always loved to read, but then I discovered writing, and found I adored that, too. For reading … if nothing else is available, I’ve been known to read the back of the cereal box.”

A hockey fan, hiker, gamer, and single mom of a special needs son, she embraces her inner geek and has been working in the tech field for a publishing company for a couple decades.

Music is a driving passion, and she says, “I love music of nearly any genre — jazz, country, rock, alt rock, metal, classical, bluegrass, rap, hip hop … you name it, I listen to it. I can often be seen dancing through the house in the early mornings. But I really, REALLY love live music. My favorite thing with music is seeing bands in small, dive bars [read: small, intimate venues]. If said bar [venue] has a good selection of premium tequila, then that’s a plus!”

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