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Blog Tour Stop ~ Review and Interview ~ Take (An erotic series) by Ella Frank (Penny Pam)

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Synopsis 3
TAKE – verb: to reach for and hold in one’s hands or get into one’s possession, power or control. 
Logan Mitchell is a man who’s always been more than happy to take what he wants. It’s a philosophy that’s proven lucrative in both his business and personal life, and never was it more apparent than the night he laid eyes on Tate Morrison. After pulling out all the stops and convincing the sexy bartender to give him a try—he’s hooked.
Now, Logan finds himself in a predicament that demands more from him than a smart-ass answer and his innate ability to walk away when things get too deep.
He has a choice to make, and it’ll force him to do something he’s never done before—take a chance.
Tate Morrison knows all about taking a chance. He took the biggest one of his life the night he showed up at Logan’s apartment to explore his unexpected reaction to the man.
Ever since then, he’s thought about little else.
At first he was convinced his attraction was based solely on his body’s curiosity. But the more time he spends with the silver-tongued lawyer, the more Tate realizes that their physical chemistry is only the beginning.
He’s starting to catch a glimpse of what life with Logan would be like, and it’s one full of excitement and satisfaction—a far cry from what he had in the past with his soon to be ex-wife.
Each man will face their fears as they begin to understand the true meaning of give and take. Their feelings for one another will be tested, as will their very beliefs. But now that they’ve found love where they least expected it, will they be brave enough to reach out and take it?
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Releasing July 8, 2014

“That’s your truck?”
“It’s so…”
“So what?” Logan challenged as he pulled his keys from his pocket.
“Excuse me. I’ll have you know I was driving this baby all through college and she still runs like a dream.”
Tate watched as Logan walked over to run his hand over the scratched-up tailgate, and he was amazed that he even made that look sexy. Like he was stroking a lover.
“And it’s a she, huh?”
Now around at the passenger’s side, Logan opened the door and looked at him over the bed of the truck. “Yeah. Jealous?”
Laughing, Tate walked over to where Logan stood with a hand on the door and kissed him slowly on the mouth.
“I’m jealous of anything you stroke like that.”
“Get in the truck, Tate.”
“Or else?”
Logan stepped forward, crowding him back against the inside frame of the vehicle. “You’re not ready for the or else…”
Book Trailer


5 Pennies
Take is the continuation of Logan and Tate’s story, and if you have read Try, then trust me…you have to pick this book up.  Logan and Tate have been through a lot in their short time together, but together they will fight through the fears and barriers they each old so close to themselves.
Logan is one tough lawyer, he knows what he wants and goes after it.  But Tate has never been easy for Logan to convince, and once he has that man where he wants him, he is determined not to let it go.
Tate is going through a divorce, he has come to realize that the something that has attracted him to Logan, just might be more than he bargained for.
At the end of Try, Tate is ousted by his sister and soon to be ex-wife, and Take picks up right where Try left off.  When I first met Logan and Tate in Try, I fell for these two gorgeous men, and I have been waiting for Take to come out so I can get my fix of them.  When it popped up on my kindle, yes I squealed, I couldn’t wait to open it up and start reading.  Everything these two men go through, is heatbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.  They both deserve happiness and love, and you can’t help but root for them as they work through their own issues to be able to come together.
Take ended with me squeezing my kindle so tight I thought I just might crack it, I was so lost in the book, I hadn’t realized that it was almost over, and as soon as I finished reading the last word, I went back and started it all over again.  Tate and Logan have wound themselves into my head, and they don’t want to leave – and I like them there, lol – so it was worth it to me to just start it all over again.
I love this series, and I will be watching Ella Frank (yes, stalking) for any information as to when the next book will come out.  This isn’t a book you can pick up without reading the first, if you do… will be missing out quite a bit, so be sure and read Try first then you can pick up Take and continue the journey with Logan and Tate.
If I could rate this book higher than 5, this would deserve it, it is so well written, you can’t help but feel for both characters as they deal with their pasts and look towards their future.  I’m a sucker for a good series, and this is one I am more than happy that I tried when I picked up Try and Take just blew me out of the water.

Thank you guys so much for taking time out of your busy lives to meet with me today.

Ella: Thank you for having the three of us. We’ll try to behave.

Logan: Speak for yourself.

Tate: Well, Ella and I will behave. Good luck with him (points to Logan)

PFMTBB : Ella, thank you so much for sharing these two wonderful men with us, when did you first realize that Logan would get his own story and were you nervous about how it would be received by your fans?

Ella: Oh, you’re more than welcome, thank you for wanting to read about them. Hmm (looks to Logan) I decided to write about this guy when I met him in Edible, Cole’s story. He has a way of making an impression.

Logan: In the best way possible, right?

Ella: (laughs) Of course. I’m sure it has nothing to do with your smartass mouth. Then I met Tate, and he is so—

Logan: Don’t say sweet, because we both know that would be a lie, Ella.

Ella: I was going to say honest, I couldn’t help want to know more about his story. But he’s very sweet too. (Looks around Logan to wink at Tate)

PFMTBB : Ella, without giving too much away (but please feel free to do so if you wish) what is next for your fans to look forward to?

Ella: Without giving too much away…hmm…okay.

It’s a secret.

That doesn’t give much away, right?

PFMTBB : Logan, you admitted to so much in this book, is there anything else you’d like to admit to now? Feel free to be explicit if you wish.

Logan: This wasn’t explicit enough? You’re a tough sell. I think Ella pretty much covered everything at this juncture of our lives. Tate and I had to really work through some issues early in our relationship, and it certainly wasn’t easy for him or myself. So if he could be brave and do everything that he did, the least I could do was open up and be honest with him.

Tate: (takes the hand on Logan’s leg and squeezes it) And I thank you for it, everyday.

Logan: Sometimes twice a day.

Tate: Behave yourself.

PFMTBB : Tate, have you and Logan gone out dancing again?

Tate: (coughs) Umm, nope. Not since that night. I don’t really like to dance, but I have to say if anyone could convince me we should make it a regular thing, it would be Logan. He is very good at moving his body.

PFMTBB : Logan or Tate, any more game nights planned?

Logan: Oh god, fuc—

Tate: What he means to say is, yeah we’ve been invited to a monthly game night with the usual suspects, and we will be attending.

PFMTBB : Ella, which one of these two men are the loudest? I can’t picture Logan being very quiet (sorry Logan) or is Tate as commanding with your attention as he seems to be with Logan?

Ella: Ha! As if we need to really put this up for debate. Loudest volume wise is Logan (looks to Logan and shrugs), sorry. But that’s not to discount, Tate. He’s loud in other ways. He’s very stubborn and when he feels strongly about something, I know it, and in turn, so do all of you. Plus, he never takes Logan’s crap and I love that.

Logan: Hey!

Tate: You love that too. Don’t even try to argue otherwise.

PFMTBB : Can anyone give us a sneak peek as to what to expect next?

Logan: Ella?

Tate: Yeah, that’s all up to her…don’t look at us.

Ella: All I will say is…stay tuned.

PFMTBB : Ella, who is a M/M author you’d like to meet?

Ella: I have several, but the two who come to mind are Ann Lister & SJ Frost.

PFMTBB : Tate and Logan you seem pretty protective over each other have you always been that way or is it something new?

Logan: I’ve never had anyone to feel protective over before, so yes it’s new. Very new for me. I f**king love it.

Tate: (looks to Logan) So do I.

Ella: Umm guys, stop it, you’re making her blush.

Tate: Sorry. Yes, it’s new. But I’m not complaining, at all.

PFMTBB : Logan, you cooked for Tate in the cabin, has Tate tried to cook for you?

Logan: No, (laughs) Tate doesn’t cook. He can make a mean piece of toast though.

Tate: You’re such an ass.

Logan: It’s true.

Tate: (laughs) Yeah, it really is.

PFMTBB : Ella, I am such a huge fan, what is the weirdest thing a fan has done at an event you’ve been to? Or even on the street and they have recognized you?

Ella: Thank you. I’ve only done one event and I have to say, there were no weird reactions, everyone was lovely. I am so fortunate to do what I do, and I love meeting people who have read and enjoyed any of my books.

PFMTBB : Logan, does Tate have any habits that you either love or hate?

Logan: There isn’t one thing I hate about him, well, since he stopped smoking. As for what I love, at the risk of sounding sentimental, the answer would be the opposite, everything.

PFMTBB : Logan, any more plans to go back to the cabin?

Logan: Yes definitely. We go to the cabin often.

Tate: I love it. Logan actually relaxes when we’re there. And I love that he feels he can do that with me.

PFMTBB : Tate, is Logan any easier to convince to get on the back of your bike?

Tate: No. (laughs) I don’t think he will ever willingly get on, but I have tactics, now and I’m not afraid to use them.

Thank you guys for being here with me today, there is so much I’d love to ask, but I have a feeling you guys wouldn’t answer me. I might just have to become a regular at After Hours, just so I can keep an eye on you guys *winking at the group*. Logan, can that be arranged sometime soon? Tate, I promise to leave a big tip.

All: Thank you for having us.

Ella: It’s been a pleasure.

Logan: You can find me there easy enough, for sure. I like the scenery. (winks at Tate)

Tate: Stop by anytime, I’d be happy to make you a drink, no tip required.

One more thing guys, anytime you guys want to let me fangirl all over you, please let me know…I’ll drop everything to hang out with you.

Author Bio
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Ella Frank is a #1 Amazon Bestselling Author. She writes both contemporary and erotic fiction and is best known for her Exquisite Series, Try and her most recent novel Veiled Innocence.
The minute she began her love affair with reading, she became and avid supporter of the romance genre and has never looked back.
Ella is Australian born and bred but currently resides in Houston, Texas with her husband.
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Cover Reveal ~ Cursed Fate by t.h. snyder ~ Bonus Cover Reveal

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Cursed Fate E-Book Cover


Cursed Fate Printable 330 6x9

Release Date ~ July 28, 2014

Synopsis 3Change, simple for some, life altering for others.


Steve Zotto made a drastic decision in his life, one that was meant to create a fresh start. After years of addiction, he finally realized that the life he was living was either going to kill him or someone else.

Too many painful memories cursed him, pulled him away from his family and destroyed everything he had….including the love of his life.


He was willing to become a new man, a good son and a faithful husband….but was it too late?


The day he chose to move on was the day fate took over. Dealing with the events that lead him to were he now was he found that there was only one person that could make him whole. During his

struggles he found help in his art, the ink that burned an inspiring message into the flesh of his clients.


His life was changing, he was changing and the future he was longing for was now a vision worth reaching for.

No longer will the curse of his past haunt him, fate has played its hand and he’s found himself all in.


And Now A Surprise Cover Reveal For Cursed Heart!!!


Cursed Heart E-Book Cover


Cursed Heart Printable 330 6x9

Release Date ~ July 18, 2014

Synopsis 3Christian Jack has been tattered and abused his entire life. Being repeatedly placed in and ripped out of foster homes during his childhood, he’s never had a family to call his own. No one has ever shown him love, compassion, or the support he desperately needs. All he’s ever wanted was to be a part of something bigger, something better.

Driving home from work one morning, he stops into a local diner for a quick bite to eat. Sitting alone, feeling deflated, a complete stranger walks in and changes his world in the blink of an eye. The instant connection he feels toward her is like nothing he’s ever experienced. Wanting so much from this mysterious woman, he can’t help but to see her in his every thought and dream.

When an unexpected tragedy reunites them, it would be unbearable to him to push away the connection he feels for her. She’s everything he’s ever wanted and needed, but is she enough to turn his Cursed Heart into the man he needs to be for her?


Author Biot. h. snyder (1979) was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania. For six years she worked in the field of higher education while earning her Bachelor and Master Degrees in Management from University of Phoenix. She’s a single mother to two children. She became an avid reader in spring of 2012 and since has read over 250 books. Her genre of interest ranges from Romance to thrilling Paranormal. This is more than just a hobby for her, it’s a passion to read the words of great authors and bring life to their stories with her reviews and character castings. She started writing her first novel in June of 2013 and is anxious to see where this journey takes her!!

Exhale Anthology ~ Promo Blitz

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Synopsis 3

Taming the Playboy Synopsis:

Ryan West learned at an early age that forever is never promised. Deciding to live each moment to the fullest, Ryan spends his days as a personal trainer to t think twice about throwing caution to the wind and bedding the woman that should be off limits. The sparks that ignite between them are undeniable and he struggles to push her memory from his mind.

Knowing happily ever after only happens in fairytales, Layla Barringer has lived her life with a wild streak of her own. Moving to Los Angeles to be closer to her sister, her rebellion is put to the test during a chance encounter with Ryan. Knowing about his revolving door of women, she decides to enjoy one night with no strings attached.

When personal tragedy strikes, they are left with only two options. Aware of their growing attraction to each other, will they work together and face adversity head on or will fear and heartbreak send them running in opposite directions?


Taming the Playboy is the second book in the Moretti Novels by author, MJ Carnal.


Something Great Synopsis:

* This is a New Adult romance novel recommended for ages 18+ due to sexual content and mature subject matter.
She didn’t know what she was missing…until he found her.  Maxwell Knight was dangerously good-looking, seductively charming, and definitely  trouble. He was everything Jeanella Mefferd did NOT need now.

Fresh out of college, life was predictable and comfortable for Jeanella. She had the  strength of her friends, the security of her job, and she was dating a reliable  man; it was all smooth sailing. That was until one night, when she met someone dangerous, heart pounding,  breathless heat. Never imagining she would see him again, Jeanella has no idea what to do when fate steps in and thrusts Maxwell Knight into her life, just as things were  beginning to change around her. When she lands her dream job and travels to New  York for Fashion Week, can she focus on her career instead of on Maxwell?

Will she ignore all the danger signs and jump straight into his arms; or would she

miss out on the chance of finding something great?


Scarred Synopsis:

Sometimes the deepest scars are the ones you don’t see.  Everyone in Jonesville thought that Bryce Evans had the perfect life in High s son, the quarterback for the football team, the boyfriend of the head cheerleader and had a 4.1 GPA. His acceptance to Notre Dame came as no surprise but when he chose to enlist in the marines instead everyone was shocked.

s.  When Bryce enlisted Lexi was the only one that t disappointed and decided to send him anonymous letters as a way to feel connected to him. She stopped after a year because she felt there was nowhere for their relationship to go.

forward four years and Bryce is back in Jonesville s no longer the quiet girl.

This time their relationship is quite different but both of them have secrets from the past and friends that threaten to ruin their chance at happiness together.

New Adult Contemporary Romance **Mature Content** Recommended for ages 17+ due to sexual situations and language.


Fighting for Love Synopsis:

** A STEAMY, romantic suspense (STANDALONE) novel by NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY Bestselling author, L.P. Dover. If you love strong and sexy MMA fighters then this book is definitely for you.**

Fighting for someone’s heart is more challenging than fighting for a title.

she felt her secret needed to stay hidden, even if it broke her heart and the heart of the man she loved. Back then, he was all hers and she was all his, but now things have changed and he isn’t the same guy she knew.

known MMA Heavyweight champion and famous bad boy, Matt ‘The Destroyer’ Reynolds, who once before struggled to help his family pay the bills. Now, he has money flowing with each undefeated win and an insurmountable number of women filling his bed. Everything is perfect for the illustrious fighter, until one day it all changes. In walks the girl from his past, the same girl who promised to stick by him but left and never looked back.

Their second chance to make things right will not come easy, for when one mistake is made an unwelcome consequence

soon follows. Someone out there wants to rip them apart and they won’t stop until Matt and Shelby pay the ultimate price … their love.


Emerge Synopsis:

Evan Allen is a handsome, athletic, southern gentleman who now attends Georgia Southern University for no good reason.

After what he expected to be the romantic gesture of the century, Evan is looking at no friends, a year of ineligibility on the football team, and no girl.

He’s starting over alone and doesn’t know quite how to proceed. Certain members of The Crew refuse to let him face things by himself, taking him under their wing, and it doesn’t take the ladies long to notice him, either.

Sometimes life doesn’t go as you had planned. Sometimes it goes better.

Embrace it.

Embrace, the second book in the Evolve Series by S.E. Hall, follows the characters from her debut New Adult romance, Emerge.

Due to sexual content and scenes- MATURE audiences recommended.


A Firefighter’s Flame Synopsis:

Women’s Fiction  Recommended Age 17+

If you dig into the deepest parts of your soul, what would you find? Happiness, pain, love, regret, peace, sorrow? Now imagine experiencing all those feelings at once and then nothing at all. These were the average days in the life of Lennox. An unhealthy and unstable mind is further challenged when fate intervenes. One tragic moment will test her wavering strength and leave a permanent scar on her conscience. Follow her journey of rediscovery, falling in love, and searching for her own fairy-tale ending.


Beautiful Rose Synopsis:

**This book contains heavy themes suitable for a mature audience only**

s surrounded with t undo the wrongs of his past, but he sure as hell can determine his future. He has worked hard to move forward and nothing is going to undo that.

s the t figure out why Jack and Alex are so insistent on helping her. Twelve years of therapy has failed to help her, so why should they be any different?  Jack sees just how beautiful t the only one developing feelings for Rose.

Before Rose, Jack vowed he would never let himself fall in love again.

Before Rose, he had control.

But sometimes, it’s losing control that makes you really see what’s really important in your life.

**Please also see Seduce (A prequel to Beautiful Rose)**


In A Heartbeat Synopsis:

For the past eight years I haven’t been living, just … Existing.

The pain, the guilt, and the shame I carry have been locked away deep inside me for so long that it’s impenetrable, until him. Until Connor Reeves.

With a sexy smile and seductive eyes, the bad boy rocker walked right into my life without warning, and now the walls I built that hid all of my grief for so long are now crumbling at my feet.

Now I am left wondering if it’s possible that just as life can cause pain, it can also heal wounds in a heartbeat.

Next to Forever Synopsis:

**Recommended for 17+ due to mature themes and sexual content.**  New Adult Contemporary Romance  Next to Forever is the final book in the Never Letting Go series and can be read as a stand-alone. Characters from the previous books will appear but this is Erin and Connor’s story.

The past will always come back to haunt you and hidden truths are uncovered, as darkness looms over the lives of Erin and Connor on their journey to forever.

Filled with love and happiness, as well as a baby and a wedding on the way, Erin and Connor seem to have it all -until life throws them a twist.  As tragedy strikes, Erin and Connor have to make one of the toughest decisions in their lives.

Will they have their happily ever after or will they have to say goodbye forever?


True North Synopsis:

An Amazon Best Seller in War and Military Romance!  **Watch the video for Livie and Jake’s original love songs by Allie Juliette Mousseau**

**Buy the mp3s! .99 cents each!**

“When you’re lost… True North”

t conquer. What they weren’t prepared for were the women that would steal their hearts.

Book 1 True North Finding Home Livie and Jake  Livie Morrisey is dreading seeing Jake after his heroic homecoming from Afghanistan. She’s been in love with Jake North since she was a little girl, but he was three-and-a-half years older than her and her big brother’s best friend. She was always nothing but the off-limits little sister – until the night before Jake left for the Army, when he’d given her her first kiss. They’d kept in touch for a year, but once Jake was deployed to Afghanistan, he’d cut off contact suddenly and she’d never heard from him again. For the past three years Livie has kept herself distracted with homework and her university studies, but now Jake’s going to be up close and personal. And Livie can’t decide if tonight’s finally the night to prove to Jake she’s all grown up or the night she should let him go forever.


Cursed Love Synopsis:

Lincoln Minzotto has the life everyone wants, yet he resents it. He’s grown up as the youngest of three children to a wealthy congressman and successful lawyer. Pushed to his absolute excellence, Linc felt the real path for him was different than his parents’ hopes and dreams. On the most important night of his father’s reelection, Linc makes a choice that will lead to a lifetime of regret. Deciding to start a new life, he and his best friend, Daulton, purchase a rundown tattoo shop called Cursed Magic. While restoring Cursed Magic, Linc’s faith in life is put to the test in more ways than one. Faced with the horrors of the bleak, starless nights and the women that come and go, he decides to give up all together, until one fateful night with a stranger. Will one night shape his future forever? Can he turn the Curse he’s endured into a blessing even though all odds are against him?


In A Heartbeat Synopsis:

Eaven Bennett is a college student with a passion for photography. She has high hopes of completing college and starting a new life as she moves away from her hometown with her best friend, Ivy Adams. Her last boyfriend ruined any chance of her trusting ever again.

Talon Walker is the dark and intriguing drummer for the up and coming band ‘Rebel Walking’. A tragedy in his past has left him empty with no desire for a relationship. That is until he meets Eaven.

One minute your heart is filled with love, the next your entire life comes crashing down. Everything can change in a heartbeat. Can Eaven and Talon overcome the obstacles in their way and find love?


Redesigned Synopsis:

Book Two in the USA TODAY Bestselling series

While fashion design major Caroline Hunter may have been born economically unlucky, in college, she’s been lucky in love. Until her senior year at Southern University. She’s gone from a serious long term boyfriend to a string of crappy dates.
Then she meets mathematics grad student Reed Pendergraft.  Reed is everything she’s not looking for. Serious. Headed for a low paying university job. Boring. Caroline spent the first eighteen years of her life wondering where her next meal was coming from. She sure wasn’t getting trapped in that life again with a man living on a professor’s salary.

An encounter with Reed in a club proves she might have pegged him wrong. He brings out a lusty side she never knew she had. But s about to give in to her hormones, Reed makes a fool out of her.

intact. Just when she thinks she has everything figured out, she finds that her entire life has been redesigned, thanks to Reed Pendergraft.

BUSINESS AS USUAL (Off the Subject #3) available April 10, 2014


Rock My Bed Synopsis:

Everything always seems to fall into place for twenty-four year-old Aubrey Jenson, except for when it comes to her luck with men. Bad boys always draw her in and crush her heart, and Black Falcon’s lead guitarist, Riff, is no exception. After sharing a few wild nights together, she leaves him behind, knowing a guy like Riff isn’t the relationship type, merely just a play thing.

When she returns to New York, she tries to get the passion she felt in Riff’s arms out of her head by dating Isaac, a successful representative at Center Stage Marketing. Just when she thinks she’s forgotten Riff, she’s forced to see him again when her best friend, Lanie, ropes her into being a bridesmaid for her upcoming wedding to Black Falcon front man, Noel.

Sparks fly instantly between Aubrey and Riff when they’re forced to reunite, and suddenly she finds herself caught between the man that’s good for her and the one who completely rocks her in every way.
**New Adult Romance–Book 2 in the Black Falcon series. This book can be read as a stand alone, but reading the first novel and the novella will greatly increase your reading experience.**


Fall Synopsis:

If you look up British in the dictionary…A-list celebrity Jamie Jaymeson’s name would be next to it. Along with charming, witty, man-whore, and a lot of other adjectives that he wouldn’t appreciate being attached to his name.  He has everything in the world going for him.  Until fate decides his number’s finally up.  Caught in a compromising position that really wasn’t his fault to begin with (really it wasn’t)—Jaymeson’s been told by his agent to lay low in the one town he swore he’d never return to—the seventh circle of hell, known by its residents as Seaside, Oregon.  Two months? He can do anything for two months. Especially if it means getting a part in the new book-to-movie series that has girls all over the world swooning.  Play nice? Keep it in his pants? Please. He played an alien once—he was going to totally rock it.  Until a certain someone who he may or may not have publicly humiliated—rejected, then humiliated again, suddenly pops up
next door.  Self control has a way of flying out the window when the one girl you can’t have—is suddenly dangled right in front of you.  But Priscilla isn’t just off limits—she’s a pastor’s daughter and barely legal to boot. So Jaymeson does the one thing he swore he’d never do—he tries to be friends. With a woman.  Only, it’s exactly what he needs.  Until suddenly, he craves more.  He wants to date her.  She wants to date someone else.  He wants to kiss her.  She asks him to give her lessons for her new boyfriend.  When opposites attract, sometimes the only option you have is to leap—and trust the fact that when you fall—that special someone falls too.


Exhale Anthology Cover





Undeserving (Undeniable #5) ~ Cover Reveal and Blurb

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Undeserving (Undeniable, #5)

Synopsis 3

Warning: This isn’t a love story; it is a tragedy, a cautionary tale about the consequences of forbidden love between two people who tried to defy the rules defined for them and failed.

Damon “Preacher” Fox, vice president of the Silver Demons motorcycle club, has been in prison for club-related crimes. As his release draws near, he begins to reevaluate his choices in life, realizing that if he stays with the club, this wouldn’t be his last stint behind bars.

Suddenly Preacher finds himself doubting everything he’d ever known, wishing for things beyond the club. So when his sentence is up, instead of going back to the club, he embarks on a journey into the unknown. Just him and his motorcycle.

Deborah Reynolds is a sixteen-year-old runaway. Since leaving the clutches of her abusive stepfather and uncaring mother, she has been living on the road, dodging men with less than honorable intentions, fighting for her next meal while searching for meaning in a life she finds painful and pointless.

When Preacher and Deborah’s paths cross, sparks fly. Passion is instantly ignited, and within each other’s arms they find a sense of peace each had been lacking.

But life is about to catch up to Preacher; he can’t hide from the club he’d vowed eternal loyalty to. And Deborah, desperate to keep the one person who’d ever shown her any sort of kindness, finds herself caught between forces far more powerful and deadlier than she could have ever imagined.

The couple has a difficult choice to make. One that could forever change the course of their lives.

This is Preacher and Deborah’s story.

“You might think that you have nothing; you feel empty, unloved, and unwanted, thinking that you can claim nothing in this world as your own. But in the end—and it’s always in the end—you realize that you were wrong. That you had everything, everything you’d ever needed. But by then, it’s always too late.



Unbeloved (Undeniable #4) by Madeline Sheehan ~ Blog Tour ~ Review ~ Penny Pam

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Unbeloved (Undeniable, #4)

Written by Madeline Sheehan

Published on June 23, 2014

Synopsis 3

Dorothy Kelley is a born romantic, searching for her prince. Instead she finds herself pregnant at fifteen, and a in a loveless marriage by the tender age of eighteen.

Then hope comes riding into her life on a motorcycle and within weeks, Jason “Jase” Brady, a member of the Hell’s Horsemen motorcycle club, sweeps Dorothy off her feet.

But nothing is ever simple for Dorothy. Jase is married with children. And as Dorothy patiently waits for Jase to give her the happily-ever-after she’s been dreaming about, James “Hawk” Young, a member of the Hell’s Horsemen with secrets of his own, sees an opening into Dorothy’s life and takes it.

Carrying on two secret affairs is no easy feat. As Dorothy tries to dig herself out of the mess she’s created, covering one mistake with another, tragedy strikes, nearly costing Dorothy her life and that of her unborn son.

What follows is a long and painful journey of self-discovery and forgiveness, as Dorothy comes to realize that home was exactly where she’d left it, and the love she’d forever craved had always been within her reach.

This is the story of Dorothy, Jase, and Hawk.

We are all born pure; it is our journey that burdens us and leads us astray. Our mistakes that beat us down and cover us in guilt and shame, burying us a little more with each passing hardship. It is up to us to dig ourselves out, to come to terms with our faults, to embrace not only our imperfections but those of the ones we love, and to once again find the path we strayed from.

Warning: This is not a conventional or predictable love story. It involves one woman and two men bound by a love so destructive it spans two decades, pitting brother against brother, and shattering the lives of those touched by it.


5 Pennies


UnBeloved is the 4th installment to the Undeniable series.

OMG, I just finished UnBeloved and all I can say right now is if I ever get a chance to meet the uber awesomeness that is Madeline Sheehan, I will not only Hhh, but also kiss this woman.

Each and every book she has written in this series just pulls you in, you can’t help but feel like you know these characters and you feel every emotion they go through…the good, the bad, and the ugly.

There were several times I cried while reading this book, and I can’t wait to go through all of those emotions again, because this will be a book I will read again (and again).

The story of Hawke, Dorothy, and Jace was a love triangle that is not only believable, but also one that as a reader I knew my heart would break while reading. I can’t wait to read this again, and even though I just finished I do believe I will pick it up as soon as I finish this review.

Author Bio

USA Today Bestseller, Madeline Sheehan, is the author of the Holy Trinity Trilogy and the Undeniable Series. Homegrown in Buffalo, New York, Madeline resides there with her husband and son.

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Cooper by Harper Sloan ~ Review ~ Penny Pam

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Cooper (Corps Security, #4)

Written by Harper Sloan

Published June 19, 2014

Synopsis 3

Do you take me seriously? Because I don’t. I use my jokes and easygoing personality to hide the pain I’ve felt since he took his last breath. I’m adrift without my partner in crime, my best friend…my brother. I can taste the vengeance just within my grasp.

Until she barges into my life. Promising me happiness and a peace I’ve been craving for years. She is the sun to my darkness, the happy to my despair.

But she holds secrets. Just like I do. She holds hers close, where I just pray mine don’t rock the walls we’re trying to build.

Now I’m stuck at a crossroads between my desire for revenge and my craving for her and the life we could have together—and I have no idea which road I should travel.

All I know with crystal clear certainty is that the past has the power to destroy it all.


5 Pennies

Have you guys read the Corps Security Series yet?  If your answer is no…. go read it, Please!

I love this series, you can’t help but fall in love with each and every character.  They are not perfect, they each have some issues, but that is what makes them loveable, at least to me.

In Cooper, we get Ash and Chelcie, and neither one will disappoint.  I knew after reading Beck that this one would either crush me or lift my spirits….. I am not crushed.  Their story is just so real and raw, I mean what those two have had to deal with, it is really too much for most people, but together they help each other.  It is a great story, one that if you have read the previous books, you will not want to miss this one.

Harper Sloan is the type of author that brings so much life to her characters that you can actually picture them in your head.  I want to live there, just to look at all of her eye candy she writes about.  The story lines are so believable that you can’t question a single thing.  Harper is one author that if I ever get a chance to meet, I will bow at her feet.  Harper, thank you for sharing these gorgeous men and women with us, and I can’t wait to read more.

Author Bio

Harper SloanHarper lives in small town Georgia just a short drive from her hometown of Peachtree City. She (and her 3 daughters) enjoy ruling the house they dubbed ‘Estrogen Ocean’, much to her husbands chagrin. Harper has a borderline unhealthy obsession with books; you can almost ALWAYS find her with her eReader attached. She enjoys bad reality TV and cheesy romantic flicks. Her favorite kind of hero–the super alpha kind!

Harper started using writing as a way to unwind when the house went to sleep at night; and with a house full of crazy it was the perfect way to just relax. It didn’t take long before a head full of very demanding alphas would stop at nothing to have their story told.


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Blog Tour ~ Night Owl by M. Pierce ~ Character Interview ~ Review ~ Penny Pam & Penny Lisa

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Night Owl Blog Tour Banner

Night Owl (The Night Owl Trilogy, #1)

Written by M. Pierce

Published on February 11. 2014 (first published on September 6, 2013)

Synopsis 3

At twenty-eight, Matt Sky has the perfect life. He has a beautiful girlfriend, a massive inheritance, and four national bestsellers — all penned under his airtight alias, M. Pierce.

At twenty-seven, Hannah Catalano is a train wreck. Her boyfriend is a deadbeat and her job is abysmal.

Matt and Hannah meet online as writing partners. Their relationship is safe, anonymous, and innocent…

Until Matt sees a picture of Hannah. Hannah’s picture sparks an attraction Matt is powerless to ignore. When circumstance brings Matt and Hannah together, the strangers begin a love story that’s passionate, poignant, unforgettable, and unstoppable.


Are you Pennies excited? I am…this is the first joint review for Penny Pam and Penny Lisa. I don’t know about you, but I love to see what two different people think of the same books (I guess that’s why I always read reviews, both before and after a book). Anywhoo……lets get this going, shall we?

5 Pennies


Matt Sky captured me from the start. I will admit, I am a girl who loves it when her bbf have a dirty mouth and are assertive. That first chat session they had, ummm yeah, I was hooked.

Hannah is going through a hard time in her life, she is moving back into her parents house, she has no job, and no boyfriend. Hannah doesn’t realize that things just might be looking up for her when she mistakenly discloses personal information to Night Owl (Matt Sky), but it is going to take some convincing that it was an accident.

Matt is a very private person, he guards everything around him, he has his reasons. Matt did seem like he was going to be more of an a*s than a great bbf, but to me there was no question about it.

True their situation wasn’t always pretty, Matt kept secrets, big ones, but as I said before, he had his reasons.

I will admit that the epilogue killed me, so if you haven’t read the book I am giving you fair warning, I am so very much looking forward to the next book, and have been since the first time I read this book (Yes, I am a re-reader of books) and I really want to give M. Pierce a hug, then maybe a shake or two for that epilogue, but that’s just me.  I give this book a 5 and if I could rate it higher, I would.

5 Pennies

This book held my attention firmly from page one.  There was something about the writing style, pace and quirkiness of the characters that kept me turning page after page after page….late into the night.

Hannah and Matthew have a very unconventional online relationship.  They attempt to shroud their identities from one another to keep their collaborative writing project on a purely professional level.  But when Hannah accidentally sends an updated segment of the story to Matt from her personal email address, a Pandora’s box is opened and Matt can’t resist exploring it.

Matt has a darkness brewing within him.  He becomes very voyeuristic when it comes to Hannah, and the depth level of his voyeurism is revealed with the introduction of Laurence into the story.

Hannah is lovely, educated and creative.  She’s not always made the best decisions where men have been concerned, but knows she wants more than what she has accepted as good enough in the past.  Her curiosity about her writing partner begins to lead her down a path that she might never have imagined she’d travel.

What transpires between these two characters over a short period of time seems perfectly natural as it relates to them and their building relationship.  What might seem implausible in other stories comes off as possible in this book.

It has been two weeks since I read this book and it is still with me.  My mind drifts back to the story, characters, places and scene while leaving me frustrated that I have to wait until later this year for the next two installments to be released.    And while the Epilogue upset some readers, it intrigues me in wanting to know what happens next.

M. Pierce, please reveal yourself so that we can have a better understanding of who wrote this work of genius.


Thank you very much for allowing us the opportunity to participate in this activity.

 Thank you for having me! – M.


 PFMTBB ~ Matt, as a writer, what made you turn to an anonymous person on the internet to become a collaborative writing partner?

 Matt ~ Mm… good question. I needed a break, I guess. A break from my more serious writing. You wouldn’t know it, but I was, as a boy, an avid reader of fantasy novels. It seemed quite natural to seek a writing partner online, where I could retain my privacy and basically call the shots, and the lowbrow tenor of the story didn’t bother me at all – a demon, a supernatural human, an epic quest. I felt nostalgic for the junk I’d read as a young person. Anyway, it was a whim – looking for a writing partner. A fortuitous whim. Once I started writing with Hannah, I couldn’t seem to… stop. Our characters fell in love before we did. The whole thing felt inevitable. Quite a story, if you think about it.


PFMTBB ~ Hannah, how did you feel when Matt put such tight restrictions on that anonymity?

 Hannah ~ I was fine with it, honestly. There’s a lot of sketchy guys online and you can’t be too careful. It did seem a little funny that he was the one being so restrictive. Usually guys online want to know everything about you, you know? ASL and all that. But not Matt. I mean, that’s all he told me – that his name was Matt – and he wouldn’t tell me anything else, and he was adamant about not knowing anything else. He was weirdly professional. I remember trying to read into the few comments he’d write along with his story installments, trying to gauge his mood. Most of the time he just seemed annoyed.


PFMTBB ~ Matt, do you think that Hannah’s accidental breach of the anonymity agreement would have ended differently if you had not found her attractive?

 Matt ~ For sure. Why should I lie? My attraction to Hannah started before I saw her picture. It started when we were writing together. That shit happens too easily online. Then, when I saw her picture, things got… you know. Way worse, or way better. Let’s not kid ourselves, though. Physical attraction matters – it’s a big part of romance. No amount of emotional or intellectual attraction, for me, can make up for a certain, uh… absence in the visual department. If I hadn’t found Hannah attraction, one, I would have been pretty depressed (I liked imagining she was hot), two, I still would have been pissed, and three, I think we would have continued writing together… end of story. I wouldn’t have pursuedher in person. I can barely stand to think about that, though. A life without her.


PFMTBB ~ Matt, what is your favorite color?

 Matt ~ Ha. It’s gray. Gray for clothes, black for cars.


PFMTBB ~ Hannah, how did it feel to move back home at 27?

 Hannah ~ Totally demoralizing. I needed to get my life in order, to get back on my feet financially and emotionally. And for that, I needed my parents. That’s never easy to admit. 27 is pretty damn close to 30, and most 30-year-olds I know… have kids, houses, marriages, careers. Uh, health insurance. Markers of social legitimacy. I was embarrassed to be moving home, but also incredibly grateful that I had a home to go to, you know? Not everyone has parents who will take them back in like mine did. If not for Matt, I’d probably still be living with my parents. And there’s no real shame in that, even if I felt some because of societal standards.


PFMTBB ~ Matt and Hannah, what is the significance in your online names Night Owl and Little Bird?

 Matt ~ She made me get Skype.

Hannah ~ I did not! You’re such a dork.

Matt ~ Cute when you’re angry…

Hannah ~ Such a charmer, Matt.

Matt ~ Mm. I’d be happy to charm your—

Hannah ~ Okay! Let’s answer the question. So, my Skype name just comes from the bird as an icon, which is kind of a meaningful symbol in my life. To me, birds represent freedom and peace. So many things. I’ve owned a lot of bird knickknacks and jewelry over the years. And I made the Skype name when I was younger. I used to use Skype to video chat with my family when I lived in Washington.

Matt ~ She didn’t really make me get Skype. We needed to chat about our collaborative writing thing, though, so I made a new username – my actual username contains my real name, which I didn’t want her to have. When I posted my “ad” seeking a writing partner, I titled it “Night Owl seeking writing partner.” I stay up all night most nights; it’s a thing with me. Sleep difficulties. Anyway, it seemed kind of funny that her username was little.bird. Owls prey on little birds, right?

Hannah ~ You kind of preyed on me.

Matt ~ Mhm, whatever you have to tell yourself baby…


PFMTBB ~ Matt, what was it about the camping trip that was the turning point in your relationship with Hannah and caused you to break things off with Bethany right after?

 Matt ~ You ask good questions. I’m not sure I can even answer this. Not sure I know. Things were getting more intense with me and Hannah, but intense sexually… not emotionally. That started to change on the Fourth of July. Our sex that day was more than sex. It was intimate. I wanted to tell her I loved her, though it seemed too soon. But the camping trip? That was the day I realized I could have fun with Hannah. Actually do things together, enjoy the outdoors together, spend a whole weekend with her. And it wasn’t enough. I realized I wanted more. More of her in my life. So, the realization that it was more than a fling… necessarily became the realization that I had to end it with Bethany.


PFMTBB ~ Hannah, why do you suppose it was so easy to give yourself over to Matt and his demanding ways?

 Hannah ~ Most of my ex-boyfriends were aimless, unmotivated types. Lazy. They complained about their jobs a lot and lacked passion and drive, they had bad work ethics, etc. So, they were hard to admire, especially as time passed and the infatuation of a new relationship wore off. With Matt, that was… completely different. He took charge in every way. There is nothing indecisive about Matt. He knows what he wants in bed and out of it. And sure, that’s a little frustrating sometimes – he can be stubborn and bossy – but it is SUCH a nice change from the wishy-washy guys I dated in the past. Plus, I’m a naturally passive personality, so it gives me pleasure to… you know… yield control. (Blushing now.) Let’s just say Matt’s demanding ways clicked really well with my personality. And… I’ve never wanted someone the way I wanted him.

PFMTBB ~ Hannah, how did you stay strong when Matt pushed you away when he had his breakdown? 

 Hannah ~ That was tough, not gonna lie. Matt basically shut down after his breakdown. No matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to bring him out of his misery. I love him so much, though. Love kept me strong. I knew that he would come through his rough patch. I also knew that if he didn’t come through it, I’d still be there at his side.


PFMTBB ~ Hannah, did you begin to feel like you had come into your own when you started working for Pam?

 Hannah ~ Yes and no. No because I’m really insecure, and it was always in the back of my mind that I got the job because of Matt. Yes because I think I’m pretty good at the job… most of the time. And it’s a job I’ve always wanted. Earning my own money, making a career and a name for myself, even moving out of home, those things gave me a much-needed sense of confidence. And honestly, so many people get jobs because of their connections – I shouldn’t be ashamed of Matt’s assistance. I wish I’d gotten there on my own steam, but that might never have happened.


PFMTBB ~ Thank you both for taking the time to talk with us.  We look forward to what the future holds for both of you.

Matt ~ Our pleasure.

Hannah ~ Thanks for having us!

Matt ~ You’re in a good mood…

Hannah ~ Oh my god. Stop embarrassing me…

Matt ~ Mm… get over here…

Author Bio

M. Pierce is an avid reader, writer, and bestselling author living in Colorado. M owns a rabbit named Laurence (named after Laurence Sterne). M hopes you’ve sampled NIGHT OWL, Book 1 in the Night Owl Trilogy. Books two and three in the Night Owl TrilogyLast Light and After Dark, will be published by St. Martin’s Press / Macmillan in 2014.

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Isn’t Lawrence the cutest thing ever?!

Thirty-Two and a Half Complications (Rose Gardner Mysteries #5) by Denise Grover Swank ~ Review ~ Penny Pam

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Thirty-Two and a Half Complications (Rose Gardner Mysteries #5)

Written by Denise Grover Swank

Published on June 24, 2014

Synopsis 3

The fifth book in the USA Today Bestselling Rose Gardner Mystery series.

There’s no denying trouble finds Rose Gardner like a divining rod finds water, especially when Rose lands in the middle of a bank robbery. But after the robbers steal her deposit bag—containing a large amount of cash—she soon finds out that trouble is threatening her business as well, thanks to her sister Violet’s financial mismanagement.

To top it off, Rose’s ex-boyfriend, Joe Simmons, has moved back to Henryetta to fill the chief deputy sheriff position. Rose’s involvement as a witness is the perfect opportunity for Joe to reinsert himself into her life. But Mason Deveraux, Fenton County Assistant District Attorney and Rose’s new boyfriend, has waited too long for Rose to give her up without a fight.

Rose’s pregnant best friend, Neely Kate, suggests they find the robbers using Rose’s visions and Neely Kate’s knowledge about everyone in town. The women are soon hot on the trail of the stolen money, but Rose is caught off guard when Neely Kate’s snoopiness detects the biggest complication of all: Rose might be expecting a baby of her own.



5 Pennies

This is the 5th installment to the RGM series, and they just keep getting better and better.

Rose is the type of character that deals with what life has dealt her, her life isn’t always easy, and trouble finds her no matter what she does (or doesn’t do).

I fell in love with Rose in the very first book, and I know who I want her to end up with, but then again……as a reader, sometimes the one we choose isn’t the one the character chooses, although if I could talk to Rose, I’d be sure and tell her how I felt.  Getting back to the book, Rose is in a pretty new relationship with Mason, he is strong and protective of Rose, and she doesn’t seem as shy as she once did.

I love how Rose sticks close to those that most others would rather forget about, her interactions with everyone had me either laughing, or almost cowering away from my kindle.  Rose has finally decided that yes, she can and will take care of things the way she sees fit, she has grown up so much from the first book that I can’t help but continue to cheer her on along the way.

Now, with her “friendship” with Skeeter, that just might get even more interesting, and I for one can’t wait to see what happens next.

If you are looking for a read that will have you laughing, feeling so stressed you want to pull out your hair, and actually saying “Crappy Doodles” out loud, this is the book for you.

This book is part of a series, and past books lead up to the characters in this book and how they interact with each other, so be sure and start from the beginning, trust me, it’s worth the time it will take to read the other books before reading this one.

Reading order:

Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes

Twenty-Nine and a Half Reasons

Thirty and a Half Excuses

Falling To Pieces (novella)

Thirty-One and a Half Regrets

Author Bio

Denise Grover SwankNew York Times and USA Today bestselling author Denise Grover Swank was born in Kansas City, Missouri and lived in the area until she was nineteen. Then she became a nomadic gypsy, living in five cities, four states and ten houses over the course of ten years before she moved back to her roots. She speaks English and smattering of Spanish and Chinese which she learned through an intensive Nick Jr. immersion period. Her hobbies include witty Facebook comments (in own her mind) and dancing in her kitchen with her children. (Quite badly if you believe her offspring.) Hidden talents include the gift of justification and the ability to drink massive amounts of caffeine and still fall asleep within two minutes. Her lack of the sense of smell allows her to perform many unspeakable tasks. She has six children and hasn’t lost her sanity. Or so she leads you to believe.



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Blog Tour ~ Recipocity by K.I. Lynn ~ Review ~ Penny Pam

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Written by K.I. Lynn

Published on June 8, 2014

 Synopsis 3

The final installment of the Breach Trilogy!

Things are finally looking up for Nathan and Lila. Though separated at work, their life together is just beginning.

They’re working hard to lock up Lila’s past, when Nathan’s comes knocking at the door with a gift—a warning that happiness can, and will, be taken away.

Is running away the only option to stay alive? Can they ever find the peace they deserve?

The battle for survival has begun.



4.5 Pennies

Oh, my Nathan. If you have not had the chance to read the Breach Trilogy…, go get it!

In this finial installment, we get to find out if everything will be resolved for Nate and Lila. Their road hasn’t been easy, both are damaged, but together they are perfect.  They both know that they each have their own issues, which is understandable with their pasts, and neither one will deny it, but when they are together they are so much stronger and in love that they repair each other.

Nate is difficult to understand by most, but Lila gets him and loves him, demons and all.

Lila has never thought of a future, and while she knows Nate is her forever, will her past or his be the block in the road to happiness, or will she let go of all of her fears and love her beast?

Lila is nearing the home-stretch with putting her nightmares away, where they belong.  Her life is so different now, she is engaged to Nathan, her step-brother is in jail awaiting trial, and she is scared to think of facing him or her father again.

Nate learns that someone is going after Marconi, his nightmare in the flesh, he wants nothing to do with bringing justice against the man who caused his life to spiral into the tailspin that only Lila was able to stop, and rescue him from.

Each of them will have to face danger and their fears, but each knows that with the other by their side, anything is possible.  While Lila, faces her fear in court trying to put her step-brother away, Nate is by her side, always supporting her.  Lila’s dreams come true when her future starts to look a little bit brighter.

Nate knows that he is being watched, will always be watched, but also knows that Lila is his life, and will do whatever he has to to protect Lila and his dreams of a future as well.  A chance encounter with an old friend puts his life, and Lila’s directly into the line of fire.  Nate must decide if he will give up or if he will do the right thing, and help those who are trying to make justice prevail.

While Nathan and Delilah’s story is not one of a perfect fantasy love story, it is, the only difference is their love story is dirty, gritty, and so HOT, I love Nathan’s mouth, he is crass, such a dirty talker, and so much of an Alpha that he leaves me in a puddle every time he releases the beast within.  I mean really, my husband walked in on me reading this story and said “What is up with you? You have this look in your eye….is it not what you were expecting?”  How can I look at him and say, “Hon, will you please read what this man can do? Maybe pick up a pointer or two?”  I mean really, I think if he would read what Nathan says and reads about how he acts, he just might be so mortified with me that he might ground me from my Kindle.  So, I will share Nathan with you all, and Lila as well, it takes a certain type of woman to understand that man, and she completely understands him, and completes him as a person, allowing him to open up himself, to allow him to dream again, in turn allowing Lila the same thing.

If you are looking for something that might not be as clean cut to read, I so encourage you to give Nathan and Lila a try.  But be warned, the smoking hot scenes and talk, just might make you blush…..or fan yourself, either way I will forever miss this story.


Lunch. My office, 11:30. No panties.

I’m not sure about you, but if someone sent me a text like that, I’m pretty sure I’d melt right then and there.

I don’t care who knew. Was it unprofessional to have sex at the office? Hell, yes. Was that going to stop me? Not a fucking chance. Discreet was what we strived for, but sometimes it was inevitable that someone heard us.

A bit much? Not for Nathan and Delilah…….and those are the tame parts. *still blushing a bit*

I completely loved this series.

Author Bio

Image of K.I. LynnK.I. Lynn spent her life in the arts, everything from music to painting and ceramics, then to writing. Characters have always run around in her head, acting out their stories, but it wasn’t until later in life she would put them to pen. It would turn out to be the one thing she was really passionate about.

Since she began posting stories online, she’s garnered acclaim for her diverse stories and hard hitting writing style. Two stories and characters are never the same, her brain moving through different ideas faster than she can write them down as it also plots its quest for world domination…or cheese. Whichever is easier to obtain… Usually it’s cheese.

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Lucifer (Book 3, The Redemption Series) by SJ West ~ Review ~ Penny Pam

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Lucifer (Book 3, The Redemption Series)

Written by SJ West

Published on June 9, 2014

Synopsis 3

Anna’s quest for answers about her future propels her to follow Lucifer down the veritable rabbit hole. During her foolhardy expedition, she discovers the truth about Lucifer’s domain and the truth about Lucifer himself. She learns more about her parents’ forbidden romance from Lucifer’s perspective, and comes to understand that the tie that bonds two souls together can’t even be broken by death itself. All her life, Anna has lived with the knowledge that her mother chose to die in order to give her a chance to live. Being the recipient of such unselfish love and sacrifice, lays a heavy burden on Anna’s heart to make her mother proud.
Anna and the other Watchers soon uncover Lucifer’s master plan to prevent her from obtaining anymore of the seals. She also discovers what the seals will ultimately do to not only her body but also her soul. Armed with this knowledge, Anna can only discern two possible motives for Lucifer’s actions. Either he is simply protecting her the only way he knows how, or he wants to retain his power on Earth and ensure his daughter never stakes claim to her birthright.
In the end, neither reason is good enough to prevent Anna from completing her God given mission to obtain the seven seals and return them to Heaven. Even though Anna can feel the seals begin to change her, her commitment to retrieve them remains unwavering. Only time can reveal if Anna is strong enough to master the power of the seals or if they will ultimately master her.



5 Pennies

Lucifer picks up right where Anna (see my review here) left off.  We get to see inside of Lucifer’s head and his heart, although Lucifer protects both with a wall that has been built over many years, Anna is trying to get past it.  And the question remains, will she be able to continue and complete the mission she has been sent on by God, or will evil overcome her?

We get so much information, along with confirmation, as to what could happen to Anna if she gives into the evil of the seals, that only she can retrieve and return to Heaven.  We get to see the happy and gentle side of Malcolm, which he has shown us in the past, but to see just how much Anna and Malcolm love each other it’s one of those moments that just make you smile.  And to see Malcolm put aside his hatred of Lucifer, so Anna can try to forge a relationship with her biological father, proves love is stronger than hate.

While Anna might do something’s that made me yell at her, (but really – when you love a character or series – who doesn’t sometime yell at their kindle?) I understood her reason behind it, I might not agree, but I understood.  Anna is a stubborn and strong willed woman, who knows she is fighting to protect the world and the people living in it, that she puts her own safety aside to get the answers she is after.

We also get to meet Helena (Hell, personified) and to know what kind of a hold she has over Lucifer, is chilling to watch.  Lucifer, who I have always silently rooted for, showed me more and more, that he deserves to be happy, and deserves to forgive himself.  In the story of life, no matter what we do, good or bad, asking for forgiveness is one of the most hardest things to do.  Lucifer just proved himself at the end of the book, but you will have to read it to find out how.

I am always silently (and sometimes not so silently) stalking the author, waiting for the next book.  This is a series that I can only hope continues (which the wonderful Mrs. West has told us will, with new story lines).  To get the whole effect of this series I wholly recommend reading it in the order that they have been written, you don’t want to go into this being confused or angry for having a story spoilt for you, do you?

Here is the order that they should be read in:

The Watchers Trilogy (Ages 13+) ~ Cursed, Blessed, Forgiven

The Watcher Chronicles (Ages 17+ due to mature content in books 3 and 4) ~ Broken, Kindred, Oblivion, Ascension

Caylin’s Story (Ages 13+ – Can be read by younger readers without having to read the Watcher Chronicles) ~ Timeless, Devoted

The Redemption Series (Ages 17+ due to mature content in books 3 and 4)  ~ Malcolm, Anna, Lucifer

Author Bio

Once upon a time, a little girl was born on a cold winter morning in the heart of Seoul, Korea. She was brought to America by her parents and raised in the Deep South where the words ma’am and y’all became an integrated part of her lexicon. She wrote her first novel at the age of eight and continued writing on and off during her teenage years. In college she studied biology and chemistry and finally combined the two by earning a master’s degree in biochemistry. After that she moved to Yankee land where she lived for four years working in a laboratory at Cornell University. Homesickness and snow aversion forced her back South where she lives in the land which spawned Elvis Presley, Oprah Winfrey, John Grisham and B.B. King. After finding her Prince Charming, she gave birth to a wondrous gift named Caylin and they all lived happily ever after.

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