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Synopsis 3
When opportunity knocks…
TREX Special Agent Spencer Allen has been waiting to take the lead since he first started with the covert agency. He’s earned his place as his team’s CO and is given a mission that could make or break his career. The night before he deploys, he decides a little R&R is in order. He meets the CEO of the search and rescue group TREX contracts with, takes her home, and they have an unforgettable one-night stand, despite TREX’s strict policy not allowing agents to get involved with members of competing agencies.
The response is everything…
Kat Davis didn’t expect to be swept off her feet by a member of the egotistical men-in-black agency that orders her agency around on searches. He says all the right things, touches her in all the right ways, and makes it impossible to resist him. It’s only one-night, she reasons. She’s not ready to commit to more than what they’ve already had together and quickly retreats, leaving Spencer confused and angry.
Spencer completes his mission and has a decision to make–one that could give him an ounce of happiness, the other the right thing to do. Will he do the right thing? Or do what’s right?
“If you are looking for nonstop, heart-racing action and sizzling romance, look no further. Allie K. Adams will take you there—and more!” —Lucy Monroe, USA Today bestselling author

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Author Bio
Allie K. Adams Author pic
Allie K. Adams is the USA Today and Amazon #1 bestselling author of several award-winning stories. An active member of the search and rescue, as well as previously served as a reserve deputy, Allie has firsthand experience in most of the dangers she writes about. Known for her highly blazing, deeply intense suspense romances, she can be found most days in front of her computer, saving the world one sizzling story at a time. She grew up in Seattle and now currently lives in southwest Montana with the hubs and various other wildlife.
She loves to hear from readers and encourages them to reach out to her through her website at
THE TREX ADVENTURES — Romantic Suspense
First Response (#1 TREX Brief)
Rescue Me (#2)
At Any Cost (#3)
TREX Boxed Set One (#1 – #3)
No Way Out (#4 TREX Brief – Special Edition)  
Seek and Destroy (#5)
Under the Covers (#6)
THE BRACE SERIESRomantic Suspense  
Brace For Impact
Grooming the Player (#1)
Hiring the Player (#2)
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FB Author Page:

Cinnamon and Spice (A Phoenix Christmas story) by Elise Faber ~ PFMTBB Exclusive

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We hope you enjoy this special holiday treat from our friend Elise Faber, author of Phoenix Rising

Blog Exclusive

It was really hard to keep a secret from someone who could read her mind.

Daughtry walked down the halls of the Colony, taking in the bright — almost three-dimensional — murals decorating the walls.

They came in a full spectrum of colors. Crashing blue and green waves and gorgeous orangey-red sunsets combined with a violet swathe that was her own magic’s contribution. The purple lines would disappear into the murals, be absorbed into the infrastructure and help to the power of the Colony as a whole.

Together the entire visual experience should have been an ugly cacophony. Instead, it was familiar and warm and… home.

“I miss you,” came Cody’s mental voice.

“You’re supposed to be leaving me alone,” she responded tersely.

Cody was too in tune with her emotions — being that their minds were permanently linked together — to be hurt by her snapped-out response. Instead, he laughed, the mental chuckle and his blip of amusement making her lips quirk despite herself.

“Pick my present yet?” he thought.

Her mouth pulled down into a scowl at the reminder. “You’re not going to get one at this rate.”

“I’m wounded.”

“Not hardly,” she countered and turned the corner into the next hall. Cody was supposed to be on patrol that evening, leaving her free to figure out the perfect Christmas gift.

The task was difficult. What did she get someone who’d been around nearly ten decades?

“Why haven’t you left yet?” she asked instead of focusing on the fact that she had absolutely zero good ideas for his present.

A flood of warmth and love and affection inundated her mind along the bond, leaving her feeling as though she was clad in a comfortable old sweatshirt. “Trying to get rid of me?” Cody thought.

A smile curled her lips as she turned down the hall that led to the infirmary and her present-choosing-backup, Suz.

She loved the man. The protective, green-eyed, possessive-as-heck man who was ingrained into her very soul.

“Yes, actually,” she thought with false annoyance. “Your patrol, remember? My shopping, yes?”

“I remember.” Cody paused, his mind against hers going suddenly serious. “You know I don’t care about the present, right? I spent too long alone. The best gift I could ever hope for was finding you.”

Daughtry’s inner girl went “aww” at the statement, but she shook off the heart-melting words and straightened her spine.

This was her chance to have an actual Christmas. One where she didn’t feel ostracized and alone, one where she could exchange something more than meaningless sentiments and impersonal presents.

But first she needed a gift for Cody. The perfect expression of how deeply she’d come to care for him. He was sewn into her very being, her soul, her magic—

“I know all of that,” he thought, his mental voice gentle. “And I don’t need the perfect gift. I just need you.”

For a second Daughtry almost let go of her fantasy — it wasn’t like she was naïve enough to expect everything to be without fault.

She just wanted it to.

“I love you,” Cody thought with a sigh, having no doubt heard the conclusion she’d reached. “And there. I just emailed you my wish list.”

It only took a second for her to pull it up on her phone, to scan the four items on the online retailer’s site.

“Electric socks?” she thought. “Bullets? Dumb bells? A comb? You have got to be kidding me.”

His mental shrug traversed the bond. “I need those things.” A pause. “And the electric socks will keep my feet warm while I’m patrolling.”

Men. For real. At times they were just ridiculous.

“I love you,” she thought. “But now it’s time for you to go.”

Daughtry sensed that Cody wanted to say something else but whatever it was, he tucked the thought into the back of his brain. She didn’t search for it­ — just let it stay hidden.

Sharing a mental bond wasn’t the easiest thing. In fact, holding tight to a modicum of privacy was as necessary as breathing. It balanced their relationship, made it full instead of overwhelming.

So rather than push — even though she was curious — she let the glimmer of Cody’s thoughts go.

“I love you too, cowgirl,” he thought to her. “If you need me, I’ll always be there.”

With the familiar parting words, she felt Cody retreat back into his own consciousness and focus on preparing for the ten-hour patrol he was about to undertake.

Letting the bond fall into her subconscious, Daughtry focused ahead of her, halting before the door to the infirmary and doing a quick calculation in her mind.

Her salary as Suz’s — the resident healer’s — assistant hadn’t made her rich, but the money was Daughtry’s and she’d put in the sweat and tears to earn it.

Not that she didn’t have money at her disposal.

In fact, Cody had put her on all of his accounts, including credit cards and checking and savings. But Daughtry didn’t feel right about buying something for him with his own money.

Maybe it was stupid, but it meant more to her to give him something that she’d worked hard for.

Even if it was electric socks.

With a sigh, she swiped her finger over the ‘Buy All’ button and then set up the purchase so that it would be mailed to one of the random P.O. Boxes the Rengalla had set up across the country. With teleports in their ranks, it was nothing to pop over to Seattle or New York, or even Calgary to pick up a package.

And that way they didn’t have random humans stumbling upon the Colony. It was safer to retrieve items than to risk allowing strangers in or near their home. Anyone who showed up without permission was treated as the enemy.

And they had enemies. Treacherous ones.

The Dalshie wouldn’t fail to exploit any avenue of attack — black magic or not — and their strength, instant healing, and a complete lack of morality made for a devastating foe.

Hence the patrols and the shield that surrounded the Colony.

Daughtry opened the door to the infirmary and walked down the hallway within to Suz’s office, wondering what Morgan would say when he found out that he’d be teleporting to Dallas for electric socks.

Cody’s fellow LexTal and elite warrior would no doubt have a plethora of complaints and/or snarky comments about the task.

“What’s so funny?” Suz asked, surprising Daughtry.

She hadn’t realized she’d reached the doctor’s office. “Nothing,” Daughtry said. “Just thinking about Morgan’s reaction when I ask him to pick up Cody’s present.”

Suz was smiling until Daughtry mentioned the word ‘present’, then the doctor frowned. “You’re not still on that, are you?”

Daughtry sighed. “All I need to do is find the perfect thing.”

“There is no ‘perfect’ thing.”

“This is real life, Suz. And normal people want things. Why can’t Cody have a video game obsession or love board games or something?” she asked, pulling out her phone and opening the list, then showing the screen to Suz. “You know what he wants? Electric socks and bullets!”

Suz snorted.

“It’s not funny!” Daughtry snapped. Pausing, she blew out a breath. “Okay, it’s a little funny. I just—“ she stopped for a second then ended up blurting out the truth anyway. “What if I screw up our first Christmas together?”

“Then you’ll only have a thousand more chances to get it right,” Suz said dryly.

That was what she got for expecting sympathy. “Suz,” Daughtry began.

The doctor put up her hand. “Dee, you know I love you. But you need to chill about this holiday thing.”

“What ‘holiday thing?’ ” came Tyler’s question from behind Daughtry’s shoulder. She whirled and saw the tall blue-eyed, mocha-skinned man leaning against the doorframe, his arms crossed over his chest.

“Present-Gate,” Suz said.

Tyler rolled his eyes and addressed Suz instead of Daughtry. “She’s still on that?”

“Guys!” Daughtry said, pushed to her feet. “It’s important.”

“Really,” Tyler said. “It’s not.”

A wave of heat made Daughtry’s cheeks flush and, embarrassingly, her eyes filled with tears.

Stupid pointless emotions, she thought, clenching her jaw and trying to force back the ridiculous wetness.

Tyler’s face sobered. “Aw, Dee, I’m sorry.” His voice soft and near her ear as he wrapped her in his arms. “I shouldn’t have made fun of you.”

“You’re right,” she said with a sniff. “It’s not important.”

Tyler released her then turned her to face him. “It’s important to you,” he said. “Which means that it’s important to me.”

“Here,” Suz said and tugged Daughtry over to one of the chairs in front of her desk. “I’m sorry, too. I took it too far.”


“Don’t say ‘fine,’ ” the doctor said firmly. “It’s not fine. We’re your friends and I don’t want you hurt. Feelings, physically, or otherwise.”


“You should know better than to argue with the doc,” Tyler interrupted as he took the seat next to Daughtry. He clapped his hands together and grinned at what was no doubt a perturbed expression on her face. “Now let’s get to work.”

“Doing what?” she asked.

“Figuring out the perfect present for your stubborn-as-hell bondmate.”

Two hours later, Daughtry, Suz, Tyler, and a called-in-John sat around a pile of phones, tablets, and discarded plates. They were no closer to finding the right gift for Cody but they’d spent the last hours laughing until Daughtry’s abs and cheeks cramped with exhaustion.

“Seriously, who would have thought Cody would be so difficult?” Suz asked, polishing off the last slice of pizza.

“I knew,” Tyler muttered. Everyone burst out laughing. Daughtry joined in, unable to deny her contentment.

This was what she thought the holidays should be about. Laughter and love. Togetherness and teasing. Daughtry might not have a family, but she had her friends and she had Cody.

And that was when she knew.

The perfect gift for Cody had been right in front of her the entire time.

Throwing her arms around each one of her friends in turn, she rushed from the infirmary and out into the halls.

Because Daughtry had a plan to execute.


By Christmas Eve, everything was set.

The smell of popcorn filled the air. It was a rich, buttery scent that made Daughtry’s stomach growl.

Glancing around the softly lit room, she couldn’t help but sigh in happiness. Their quarters — very nice normally, though a little austere — had been transformed. It was cozy, the candles scattered on top of the desk and dressers, the shelves and side tables giving the space a pretty glow.

John and Tyler had helped her push the bed against the wall and the open floor was covered with blankets and pillows. In the middle of the mass of cushiness was a small basket filled with Cody’s favorite snacks.

He loved any type of sour candy and though Daughtry had snuck in a few pieces of chocolate — it was sacrilege to go without the delicious substance — the bulk of the basket was about her bondmate.

“Cowgirl?” Cody asked across the bond. “Are you home?”

Daughtry’s heart did a strong pitter-pat and she had a moment of panic. Cody would like this. But would he love it?

Shaking off the worry, she straightened the bow across her chest and responded. “I’m home,” she thought. “I missed you.”

“Me too.” His mind took on a sinful edge that made her thighs clench. “I’ll hurry.”

About ten minutes later, Daughtry heard the lock at the front of their quarters click. The door slid open, a triangle of light appearing on the hardwood floor.

“Cowgirl?” Cody called.

“Here,” she answered.

“What’s—?” Footsteps echoed down the narrow corridor that led from the entryway to their bedroom.

Her eyes were locked on the doorway, so she witnessed the exact moment that Cody saw the room’s transformation.

Emotions slid down the bond. Tenderness and love, affection and longing and — when his gaze took in what she was wearing — heat.

“What’s this?” he asked, his voice huskier than normal.

Gesturing for him to sit down beside her, Daughtry waited for Cody to take off his boots and sink to the floor next to her. His hair was slightly darkened — still damp from a shower he must have taken in the LexTals’ locker room.

When he’d gotten comfortable next her, Cody brought his hand up to cup her cheek. She leaned into the warmth; into the touch that made her soul sing with pleasure

“This is your present,” she murmured.

Cody studied the shiny green ribbon on her chest, his eyes darkening in pleasure and his lips — sinful and lush — quirking. “Now that is the best present I could have asked for.” He reached for her, his mind rubbing against hers in a way that made it hard for her to concentrate.

Daughtry could sense his desire and it ramped her own until her heart pounded and the place between her legs throbbed.

His fingers pushed down the narrow strap of the lacy black negligée she wore, threatening to make the garment fall from her shoulders. She soaked in the touch, loving the feel of his work-roughened fingers tracing random circular patterns on her skin. It wasn’t until his fingers had dipped lower — almost to her breasts — that she remembered there was more to his gift than just herself.

“Wait,” she murmured, breathless, her hands shaking, her body aching with need.

“Mmm,” Cody said, his lips pressing against her body. His tongue joined the party, the hot tip darting out to moisten her heated skin.

It was hard to concentrate, but Daughtry managed to extricate herself long enough to grab the thin, wrapped package.

She shoved it into Cody’s hands, almost laughing at the disgruntled expression on his face. But he dutifully opened the package.

A laugh burst out of him when he saw what was inside.

Mama Mia?” he asked.

Her shoulders lifted in a casual shrug. “It was the only Meryl Streep movie you didn’t have.”

His eyes narrowed. “Did you tell the guys?”

“You mean about your not-so-secret addiction to chick flicks?” Daughtry bit her lip to hold back her smile.

Cody growled and she stretched over to kiss him.

“No,” she murmured, a minute later. “I didn’t tell anyone.”

His arms banded around her. “I love you,” he said, then his lips descended to take her mouth in a kiss that was as scorching as it was sweet.

They were both gasping when he pulled back, reached into the pocket of his jacket, and set a small package in Daughtry’s fingers.

His hands rested on her waist as she fumbled with the red and green plaid wrapping paper. Finally, she managed to get it open.

“Oh Cody,” she murmured.

Intertwined strands of glowing metal were woven together, forming a bracelet. They were emerald and violet like hers and Cody’s magic, a visual representation of the way the bond appeared in their minds.

Plaited together, the intricate braid was beautiful, the illuminated threads at once delicate and strong.

Cody slid it from the box and gently clasped it around her wrist. “Do you like it?” he asked.

Tilting her head in, she pressed a kiss to his cheek, his jaw, his lips. “I love it.”

“Good.” His hands slid into her hair and he slanted his mouth across hers, stealing a hot, soul-melting, kiss. And not a moment later, she was flat on her back, the negligée discarded, her naked skin chilled.

“You won’t be cold for long,” he said, rolling atop of her.

Afterward, when they lay spent and satisfied in each other’s arms, Daughtry couldn’t hold back her smile.

“Merry Christmas,” she murmured, the words as lazy as her lax body.

Cody chuckled and repeated the sentiment. A minute later, his mind took on a mischievous edge. “You know you’ve created a new tradition, right?”

She frowned as he sat up then laughed when he plunked the DVD into the player and gathered her in his arms.

“Chick Flick Christmas?” she asked.


And as the night turned to morning, as dawn broke and the sun began to rise, Daughtry knew for the first time in her life that she wouldn’t be lonely on Christmas.

Author Bio


Despite moonlighting as a zookeeper and then a dog trainer, Elise decided that the only mammals she wanted to work with were her dark and sexy heroes and heroines. She inherited her love of reading from her mother and grandmother who dutifully kept stacks of romances where her teenaged fingers could easily pilfer them. She lives in Northern California with her three dogs, two energetic (read crazy) boys, and her awesome (see prior comment) husband.

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Author Spotlight and Giveaway ~ TroubleMaker Series by Kelly Gendron

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1brokenfencesBroken Fences

It took her two years to land Colden “Saint” James, even if it was for only one night, but the very next day, he was gone.

Dusty Owens always had a certain kind of power over Colden. He’d been so close to falling for the girl before he’d left Odessa. Now, due to a troublemaking photo, Colden James must return to protect the one woman he could never forget. The woman he’s always wanted but was too afraid to take. Trouble is, he’s a changed man. And now, when Colden wants something, he’s got no problem taking it.

When the “Saint” returns home, Dusty Owens and her wounded heart put up a real good fight. But deep down the strong-willed, mechanical bull riding, bar owner knows that she’ll always be that girl in love with Colden “Saint” James. For when it comes to the southern drawl, tattooed, alpha male, Dusty finds herself submitting to his every command.

Stand-Alone Series
*Warning~ This title contains the following: explicit sex scenes, graphic language, and is intended for readers aged 18+ 50,000 word count w/approx 204 pages

Buy: Amazon / Barnes and Noble / ITunes

2luckynumbersLucky Numbers

One locked safe, a troublemaking tattoo, and two determined people… add up to unlocked secrets and a love that just won’t stop.

Luke “Lucky” O’Conner is a committed bachelor. His motto…”Nobody’s ever getting this Lucky.” So when Kaley Harlow walks into his tattoo shop and somehow leaves with the only record of the numbers to his new safe tattooed on her sexy little hip, Lucky’s motto is threatened. If he wants to see those numbers again, he has to get close. Closer than he’s ever gotten to any woman. And he has three weeks to do it.

Kaley Harlow, a happily washed-up former child star, is out to ruin her reputation. She’s through with people looking at her like she’s still that innocent little girl in pigtails. Not to mention, her agent has just signed her up for a movie contract. But, really, all Kaley wants is to start a new life and finally go to college.

When Lucky happens into Kaley’s life for the second time, the hot, tattooed badass is exactly what she needs to sabotage her image. But this badass has a secret, one that could ruin more than just Kaley’s reputation.

Stand Alone Series
Warning ~ This book contains explicit sex scenes, graphic language, and is intended for mature audiences.
53,000 words/ approx 256 Pages

Buy: Amazon / Barnes and Noble / ITunes

Favorite Places

3favoriteplacesA five-minute trolley ride, one troublemaking luggage, and two stolen identities. Six months later, two strangers discover they’re married. She wants an annulment. He has other plans.

Being illegally hitched is about the only way Chase Lennox would ever be shackled to any woman. But when the multimillionaire playboy finds out he’s married to the woman who caused him to lose the biggest deal of his life, Chase decides before he gives his new wife an annulment, she’s going to help him close the deal he’d lost.

Jessina Landi has a three-foot radius comfort zone. The last man she let into it cost her a lot more than a broken heart. And the huge debt she owes for that trust, well, it’s due. If she takes Chase Lennox’s up on his offer, it’s sure to cover the bill.

There’s an annulment waiting at the end of their rainbow… well, that’s if they can get through the next two weeks without consummating the marriage.

Stand-Alone Series

Warning ~ This book contains explicit sex scenes, graphic language, and is intended for mature audiences.

60,000 words/ approx 274 Pages

Buy: Amazon / Barnes and Noble / ITunes

Finders Fees

4Finderfees“When you find her, there are a few things you need to remember. She’s smart and manipulative. She knows how to protect herself. She’s beautiful and she’ll use it to her advantage. But, Mr. Renton, the most important thing to remember is that she’s mine.”

J.T. Renton is worth millions. He wants for nothing. When he finds Sloan Mathis, he has to have her. Problem is she belongs to another, and J.T.’s not about taking another guy’s girl. But the idea that he can’t have her. Well, it just makes the challenge driven, J.T. Renton want his latest find that much more.

Finder Fees ~ A TroubleMaker Novel
J.T. Renton is what you might call a Finder. But the one thing this former bounty hunter no longer finds is people. That is until he’s offered a finder fee he just can’t resist. What J.T. doesn’t know is his latest find comes with a hidden fee, one that could end up costing J.T. his well-guarded heart.

Sloan Mathis is on the run from her dangerous ex. So when she encounters J.T. Renton, it takes her a second to realize the arrogant, sexy, and oh-so-frustrating Finder has actually mistaken Sloan for her twin sister. And to uncover what’s going on with her gone missing sister, Sloan lets J.T. believe that he’s found what he’s been looking for.

Stand Alone Series
Warning ~ This book contains explicit sex scenes, graphic language, and is intended for mature audiences.

Buy: Amazon / Barnes and Noble / ITunes

Finder Fees teaser10


authorpic1Kelly is the author of the TroubleMaker series, a stand-alone contemporary romance series, and she has a few romantic suspense novels out there too.

In a quiet suburb, somewhere between Buffalo and Niagara Falls is where you’ll find Kelly. When she’s not writing, she’s out meeting new people while representing a group of reputable nursing facilities in the WNY area.

Kelly writes steamy, blush producing romance novels. Her motto: “Bad boys, give ‘em a little time and experience, and they will evolve into misbehaving men!”

You can find Kelly at her Website, Blog, Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook Page. And please do find her. She loves to hear from her readers, and meeting new people.

Website ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Goodreads ~ Google+ ~ Pintrest 



$25 Gift Card + Signed Copy of Finder Fees

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NEW RELEASE and GIVEAWAY ~ Drama Queens Call Off Your Dogs by L.U. Ann (Penny Lisa)

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DQ release banner


Title: Drama Queens: Call Off Your Dogs

Author: L.U. Ann

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: November 17, 2014


Synopsis 3

Gertie knows she doesn’t have a picture perfect life, but feels blessed with what she does have. So what if love left her heart shattered and broken? She has a great job at Simple Luxury, an apartment in Houston with her sister, Mabel, and an outspoken, no-filter, church-going Gram back in Eufaula, Oklahoma where she was raised after her parents died.

Things are going well for Gertie until the man who broke her heart shows up in Houston. Tyler knew he had made the biggest mistake of his life the night he lost Gertie, but now he is back to reclaim the woman who owns his heart. It won’t be easy though, but he is going to have to make Gertie accept the life he has now and want to be part of it. As the owner of a successful construction company, he is devoted to making Eufaula the place Gertie will want to return and to forgive him for his mistakes.

With Gram being so outspoken in her column Drama Mama in the Eufaula’s Daily Indian Journal, she doesn’t hold back with her opinions about books and the nonsense drama among authors in the book world. Gram isn’t afraid to give her opinion to Mabel and Gertie when it comes to life, either.

Will events out of their control change their future plans for everyone involved?

By the way, the dog on the cover is named Cujo. What is a small town full of secrets and gossip without a dog named Cujo?

Black and white photo of sitting young woman with head down

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young couple in love studio shot dark background


“Thank God, I was let out of this dirty cage today. I seriously needed a break from listening to those humans cackling about this and that. I sure will miss my tail wagging friends. This human is questionable. His bright yellow pants and pink shirt are giving me a headache. Dear God, please don’t let him dress me up. Wait… Oh, no, I think I’m going to be carsick!”

~ Cujo


“Gram, that seems a little risqué to me,” Mabel says handing me the rough draft of Grams weekly column. “I wonder what the people at your church think.” Mabel raises an eyebrow at Gram.

“Darling, you have to live a little. Don’t limit yourself to society’s rules. Lord knows those rules are violated every day. I’m only doing it underhandedly. And, for the love of God, don’t bring him into this. He and I have worked out an arrangement.” Gram bats her lashes. How can an old woman be conniving yet look innocent at the same time?

Damn she’s good.

I begin to read the rough draft of this week’s column post:

Sunday, July 19, 2008

Drama Queens: Call Off Your Dogs

Citizens of Eufaula, Drama Mama here, and I’m going to tell you two chewable, delicious, bone-worthy reads releasing this week.

Trenda Jacobson’s Wronged is projected to jump to the top of the charts quickly. Trenda brings in Alan Bird—a quiet man who had very few friends growing up. Not because others didn’t like him. No, he was a loner. This behavior kept him away from the real world. With little interaction with the outside world as an adult and an experimental scientist, he found his joy in pain. Not his pain, but others. The FBI has been hunting Alan for years—almost a decade—before they discover his underground lab. When the violent acts are uncovered, will the FBI agents be able to find Alan, and most importantly, will they be able to escape being next in line?

This next one is going to be a must-read. Deliberate Intentions by Renee Gilbert is best described as a modern day Romeo and Juliet—only worse. The two main characters, Mike and Lauren, are high school sweethearts. Mike is two years older, goes to a local community college so that he can stay close to his girlfriend. He makes sacrifice after sacrifice to stay with her. Problem is, she doesn’t. Lauren is brilliantly manipulating Mike as her puppet. This story looks at the problems with young-dumb love and how two teens practically escape a bright future because they are in too much of a rush to get married. Lauren does something very sneaky to seal the deal—something that has great consequences for both of them. Will they get the love and support from their families when everything becomes clear? This one is sure to touch readers of many generations.

Quickly, I would like to take a moment to thank my readers for their support and enjoyment of this unconventional column. This marks my fifty-second column as Drama Mama. For one year, I’ve created quite a stir in the reader, author, and in the publishing world—and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. I appreciate all the comments and can’t wait to see what we discover over the next fifty-two posts.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten all that out of the way. Let’s get onto the good stuff. People who you interact with on a regular basis can be compared to dogs. You know you have thought about it before. It can be a co-worker, friend, or possibly, a family member. Either way, canine behavior isn’t exclusive to its kind. Take for instance Chihuahuas. They are small and look so innocent, but the moment you piss them off, they are attacking the leg of your pants or hiking their leg on your furniture to show you who the real boss is.

These are the true bullies of the world. Why? Because the moment you stop cuddling with your pocket pet, they turn on you. Let’s have a look at the monstrous Pit bull. Their big, muscular frame has many scared to death of them. They were born with strong jaws that match their strong bodies. But guess what? They aren’t going to turn on you like those little Mexican things. No, they will lick you to death and play for hours. So, when I’m looking for someone to be in my corner, I’d rather have the one that looks vicious on the outside, but has a heart of gold as opposed to the one that looks cute and cuddly, but can turn into a biting piranha at any moment.

So there you have it. Drama Mama’s paw print. Until next week, keep your eyes open for those ankle biters and thanks for reading Drama Queens: Call Off Your Dogs.

“Gram, I’m going to college so that I can, hopefully, become a great writer and editor, but I can tell you now, I won’t be writing stuff like this. You must’ve been born with a set of balls,” I manage to say in all seriousness before looking at Mabel and we fall into a fit of giggles.

“Gertie, you will find people in this industry who are precisely like the dogs I described. It’s best you toughen up. You will encounter some who are nice to your face, become a best friend, but will talk about you behind your back and make you sound crazy. All the while, they are the crazy ones to start with. I’m trying to teach you how to cope with these Chihuahuas of the world. Your best bet is to find a Pit bull.”

My eyebrows furrow in confusion. Are people really like that?

“Sweetheart, you’re young and dumb.” My eyes grow at her harshness. “Oh, please, you know it as well. You need to go out and experience the world. Just watch out for needless drama and the back-stabbing bitches of the industry. I mean, come on, really? No one does drama like me.” Gram smiles before walking out of the room.

“We’re related to that?” Mabel whispers, watching Grams retreating form. Slowly raising my shoulders in a shrug, we glance at one another suspiciously before returning our eyes to the doorway Gram had just walked through.

“That woman is crazy,” I claim.

“No doubt,” Mabel agrees.

DQ3Author Bio

L.U. Ann

She lives in Colorado with her husband and two children. Moving from the lush landscapes of Maryland’s Eastern Shore to the high desert plains of Colorado was a drastic change. She and her family moved to their own “Little House on the Prairie” at an elevation of over 6,000 feet above sea level, and a semi-arid climate that makes it hard to grow anything. While barely anything can grow where she resides now, the wildlife makes up for it. Mountain Lions, and coyotes, and rattlesnakes, oh my!

She tries to spend a little time each day writing, but domestic chores around the house usually take precedence. She would much rather hide them from her husband. She tends to her loving four-legged children who at times become much too demanding when she locks herself in the office. This often results in MORE domestic work, and she finds herself cleaning up after their deviant behavior.

She has always been an artist painting as a hobby to back drops in theatrical set designs. Graphic design is her guilty pleasure.

A Destructive Novel is a series of three books based on her life. They deal with heavy life issues and will have the reader begging for a happily ever after.

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NEW RELEASE ~ Body by Audrey Carlan (Penny Lisa)

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Body-highres (1)

Title:   Body (Trinity Trilogy, Book 1)
Author:   Audrey Carlan
Genre:   Erotic Romance
Release Date:   November 17, 2014
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Synopsis 3

Men ruin women.

Especially men like Chase Davis. Good looking, intelligent, rich and powerful. I never stood a chance.

I didn’t want to want him.

I didn’t want to need him.
I didn’t want to fall for him.

He wouldn’t take no for an answer, and I let him consume me. Arrogant, confident, controlling, demanding … intense.

When he entered my life, I was finally healing after having barely survived the men of my past. My soul sisters told me to take a chance. To let someone in. I let him in, and he surrounded me with a light so bright I was blinded by the truth…

Men don’t ruin women.

They devour them in every way that counts.

Warning: This book is designed for audiences 18+ due to language, graphic sexual content, and themes that some may find disturbing. BODY is book 1 of a three-part trilogy. Book 1 has a “Happy for Now” type ending.

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Fun Facts


Ten Fun Facts About Body(Trinity Trilogy – Book 1)

by Audrey Carlan


  1. Gillian (Gigi) is the name that my husband and I would have named a child had we ever had a little girl. Alas, I am surrounded by men but loving it!


  1. The three soul sisters are loosely based on my very own three best friends. They enjoy seeing what I put their character through. For example, Maria’s character is very different from my best friend Dyani, but they do have core similarities. My girl is fiercely protective, was an incredible contemporary dancer, is Italian and does speak Spanish, even though it’s not her heritage. She however, does not have a potty mouth and was not a victim of domestic violence like her character.


  1. The three men aside from main character Chase Davis are loosely based on my soul sisters husbands.


  1. My mother was a victim of domestic violence and writing this novel was something very cathartic for me, and I hope it gave the issue a bit more light. Young women, just out of high school can easily fall victim to domestic violence and being so young and impressionable are, in my opinion, often easier to manipulate into believing it’s there fault or they deserved the treatment they received.


  1. San Francisco is very near and dear to me as it is less than a two hour drive from my home. Plus, I’ve personally not read a trilogy set in San Francisco.


  1. The trinity symbol is extremely prevalent in my life and always has been. My soul sisters and I plan to get a tattoo with it, however, one sister is dragging her feet. The compromise is, if this trilogy makes it onto the New York Times bestselling list one day, she’ll get the tattoo. <crossing fingers> Not sure what I want more, the tattoo or the list! Both would be incredible.


  1. Fun fact about this novel is it’s actually the first book I ever wrote but the fourth being published. This novel in particular holds more of my life and heart than anything I’ve written to date. During the developmental edit process I just had a really hard time separating myself from the book and couldn’t be objective. I took the advice of my mentor author Jess Dee and set it aside…for a YEAR! Then after I wrote the Falling Series (3 full length novels) I then was capable of going back to it. I think it’s a better book because of it.


  1. I’m a pantser. The extent of my plotting is a one liner for each chapter but not usually until I’m halfway through writing it. Body was entirely written with very little plotting. I just let the muse go crazy and this is what happened!


  1. The main character Chase has family members that names all start with a “C.” Chase, Carson, Cooper, Craig, Colleen, Chloe, Charles.


  1. Heat level in this book runs at about an 8 out of 10. I like to write erotic sex scenes that make you feel something. I think you’ll find them so hot you’ll need your mate at the ready. <wink>


Author Bio7831156


Audrey Carlan is a professional fundraiser for an international healthcare related charity by day, and a sensual and erotic contemporary romance writer by night. She lives in the sunny California Valley two hours away from the city, the beach, the mountains and the precious…the vineyards. She has been married to the love of her life for 10 years and has two young children that live up to their title of “Monster Madness” on daily basis. When she’s not raising money, sipping wine with her “soul sisters”, three incredibly different and unique voices in her life, she can be found with her nose stuck in book or her Kindle. A hot, smutty, romantic book to be exact!

In life she believes that all things have their purpose even if we are unable to determine the purpose immediately.

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NEW RELEASE ~ Untainted by Sarah Robinson (Penny Lisa)

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Trilogy 3 Books

The Photographer Trilogy


He takes a picture of every woman he kills.

She takes nothing from anyone.

Kate Jackson is a woman haunted by her past with no direction in life, and surviving only on her close relationship with her sister, Annie. Until she meets charming lawyer, Derrick Kane. Despite having a painful past of his own, he gives Kate everything she could have ever wanted in a lover.

Just when she thinks she might have found the key to learning how to live again, maybe even how to love, The Photographer rips it all away from her with one click of his camera.

Somehow she survived, determined to rise above the trauma life has dealt her. Yet, she doesn’t get away that easy, The Photographer isn’t done with her yet.

The infamous serial killer begins dropping menacing hints at every turn.

Reminding Kate that he owns her. That he broke her body.

The small, quiet life that Kate had built for herself with Derrick is over. Pulverized by the twisted workings of the notorious serial killer and the agony of being betrayed by the one man she had trusted her heart to. Trust had never come easily to her, yet she had given it to Derrick. And he destroyed her with it.

Kate is a fighter and refusing to allow a sadistic killer to take everything from her yet again, she delves into the police investigation targeting The Photographer and finally revealing his true identity. Kate is fighting for justice while fighting to reclaim the man she loves, and somehow learn to trust him again.

But when an innocent life is on the line, the cost of justice could be more than love can afford. Kate quickly learns that finding the face behind the mask, doesn’t make you safe.

Monsters are only uglier in the light of day.

**Please note that there is no cliffhanger at the end of this series and everything is fully wrapped up. This box set also includes a never before read, deleted scene about The Photographer’s childhood!

DISCLAIMER: Due to violent and dark subject matter, this story is intended for readers over the age of 18 years old.

untainted ecover

Synopsis 3

The infamous serial killer, known as the Photographer, is gone, but this time he has taken someone with him. Even though everyone finally knows his identity, he is still two steps ahead of them.

Someone is dead. Someone is missing. Kate Jackson is one of those two.

Derrick Kane finds himself teaming up with Annie, Kate’s younger sister, in a desperate search for any clues that could lead them to the answers they need.

Little did they realize that they would find a lot more than they had bargained for.

Every dirty secret from the past comes to light, and they are faced with the ultimate test of true love, and true heartbreak.

When an innocent life is on the line, the cost of justice could be more than love can afford.

Not everyone makes it to the end of their love story.

**Please note that there is no cliffhanger at the end of this series and everything is fully wrapped up. This series is loosely based on a true story.

DISCLAIMER: Due to violent and dark subject matter, this book is intended for readers over the age of 18 years old.

Untainted Teaser

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Author Bio

Sarah Headshot

Sarah Robinson is the four-time Amazon Bestselling Romance and Crime Thriller Author of the contemporary Rockstar romance series Sand & Clay, as well as the very popular romantic suspense trilogy, The Photographer Trilogy. All of her novels have reached Amazon’s Bestseller Rank in Crime, Crime, Thriller, Contemporary Romance, and/or Romantic Suspense.

In regards to future publications, she is with the Seymour Literary Agency and has recently been contracted by Loveswept, a Random House Penguin imprint, to begin a new contemporary romance series in late 2015 about an Irish family living in the Bronx of alpha male, MMA fighters who own a gym called Legends.

Sarah Robinson is a native of the Washington, DC area and has both her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in criminal psychology. She is newly married to a local police officer, Justin, who is just as much of an animal rescue enthusiasts as she is. Together, they own a zoo of rescues, as well as volunteering and fostering for multiple animal shelters.

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NEW RELEASE AND REVIEW ~ Always The Quiet Ones by Cassandra Carr (Penny Lisa)

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Computer Code

Synopsis 3

King of the geeks Marty Johnston has a serious crush on his co-worker Elizabeth. The principal IT consultant wants more than just a flirtation, but guilt over a one-night-stand-but-maybe-more Marty had on his last business trip before meeting Elizabeth could cost him his big chance with the girl of his dreams. He’s comfortable dealing with computers, not people. Can he step way outside his comfort zone to sort things out, or will he lose the one he’s falling for?

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4 Pennies


Always The Quiet Ones was a very fun and fast moving quick read.     When reading it I couldn’t help but picture Joseph Gordon Levitt as Marty. Marty has a geeky appeal that makes you pull for the underdog.  Working in a job that makes it hard to put down roots, his options with the opposite sex are somewhat diminished.  So when he is faced with the dilemma (such a lucky dilemma for him to have) where right after a casual hook up he is presented with the opportunity for something more, perhaps even long term.

The length of this story leads me to believe it may be a part of a series.  Where it left off leave numerous possibilities for tangents it can take and I look forward to the opportunity to see where Cassandra takes it.  If you are looking for a quick read with less than conventional characters, this one is for you.


Author Bio


So who am I? I’ve been writing my whole life, but only decided to pursue writing as a career in the past couple of years. I’m lucky to have an incredibly supportive husband named Inspiration who brings home the bacon so I can stay home and fry it (and eat it all before he’s able to fight through the rush hour traffic – I’m mean that way, but like I always say, don’t get between a woman and her bacon).

I live in Western New York with Inspiration and our young daughter, Too Cute for Words. I’m a major hockey fan, which explains why many of my heroes are hockey players. If you haven’t looked at the guys playing the sport today, search for some images. You won’t be disappointed.

I’m a member of the leading professional association for romance novelists, Romance Writers of America, and also serve as president of my local chapter. I’ve met so many interesting people through these organizations and highly recommend them to any aspiring writer!

As you can see, my life is pretty busy, but I try to take as much time as I can to write. And re-write. And re-write. It’s a never-ending, vicious circle, and I love it!

Short bio for bloggers/reviewers to use:

Cassandra Carr lives in Western New York with her husband, Inspiration, and her daughter, Too Cute for Words. When not writing she enjoys watching hockey and hanging out on the computer.

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