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Title: Breathless Promises (Alluring Promises #3)
Author: Josie Bordeaux
Release Date: March 12, 2015
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Synopsis 3

Clark leaves heartache in his wake at every turn. He’s perfected the art of a well-oiled one-night stand. Banging a girl in record time in the back room at his favorite bar has always been his M.O.
Aubrey should know this better than anyone. After all, she was one of his one-night stands. Even though she has fond memories of that night, she adheres to her own set of rules when it comes to using a guy–One time only.
But, when Aubrey willingly moves in with Clark, the most attractive, annoying womanizer she’s ever met, their living situation forces the pair into an unlikely, and at times, unusual friendship…and what develops from that is something they never could have predicted.
The walls they both spent their lives trying to construct start to crumble beneath the power of friendship and lustful attraction. 
When those walls come down, will either of them be able to handle what’s happened to their hearts?
**Can be read as standalone**

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4 Pennies

This book asks the question can two broken people come together to make a relationship that works?

Clark is the epitome of a male-slut.  He enjoys his one-night stands and doesn’t believe in letting the women get the upper hand in the relationship.  He was brought up from an early edge believing that women aren’t going to stick around, so it is better to leave them before they have a chance to leave you.

Aubrey has her own issues with relationships that stem from issues from her teen years.  She has been told that she isn’t worth anything, and the only thing she is good for is her body.  So her way to cope is also having meaningless sex.

Clark and Aubrey’s emotional baggage is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what is holding them back from being able to find a lasting relationship with some form of commitment.

When reading the book I really got sucked into the life of Aubrey and Clark, they are very real and relatable.

Throughout this book we gain more insight into not only Clark and Aubrey but also their group of friends.  They have an amazing support system within their circle of friends and we get to see this time and time again throughout the book.

Josie Bordeauzx covers some pretty hard-core issues throughout this book and does it with dignity and respect for the content.

There is just so much emotion throughout this book; it can take a toll on the reader.  That being said I do believe it is well worth the time, once I began reading it I couldn’t put it down.  The dynamic among the characters throughout the book was captivating and made me sad to see the story end.  Thank you Josie for an amazing read!!!!


Author Bio

Josie Bordeaux is the author of the Alluring Promises series. Her romance novels revolve around friendships, amazing attraction and steamy sex scenes. Lust, passion and love are all entwined with a lot of drama and fun-filled friendships. Josie lives in the sunshine state with her best friend (AKA – husband) and two sweet (and very creative) daughters. When she’s not driving her kids around town, she’s usually clicking her fingernails on her keyboard or down at the beach where her eyes are glued to her kindle app reading. Josie is the pen name for Amazon Bestselling Author Janice Baker.
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