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NEW RELEASE and REVIEW ~ Just One Night (Vol. 1) by Kim Black (Penny Lisa)

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LIVE FEBRUARY 16th, 2015!

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Check out this sexy new serial by Kim Black! Just One Night is the first book in a HOT erotic romance releasing on February 16th, 2015, to be followed by the other volumes soon, including a tentative release date of March 22nd for Volume 2!

Synopsis 3

One night was all Blake Hanson required.
Tomorrow he would move on to the next eager and willing sub.
And women were always eager for him.

No commitments. No feelings.

Just Sex.

It was his only rule. His guide.
And he never lost control, until…

Young woman on the bed

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I gotta say, I am really enjoying the introduction of serials to my mix of reading.  Sometimes a short read with some heat and kink is just what the Kindle ordered.   Just one Night by Kim Black is the newest serial series to peak my interest.

A Dom working his way through woman after woman, not looking for anything other that a string of one night stands.  A young woman with very limited experience, intrigued by a lifestyle she knows little about.  Blake and Alyson bring the heat in what I expect to be an up and down relationship between two individuals seeking something completely different from one another.

While the premise for the novella is nothing new, I enjoyed most everything about this story.  It was a quick spicy read that is told from dual POV making for a better understanding of what each character was feeling.  While there is a cliffhanger, it is to be expected considering there are more installments to the story coming.  I really want to know why Blake is so adamant that he only wants one night stands.  What has happened to this lusty man that makes him seek release from a string of partners instead of just one.  I am looking forward to the next release in this series.

woman having orgasm

Author Bio


Kim Black is the author of four independently published books, two of which reached Amazon Bestseller Status in Women’s Fiction and Romantic Suspense.

She is newly engaged to a wonderful man and is working on planning her wedding. She currently resides in Bronx, NY but is a true Brooklyn girl.

You can take the girl out of Brooklyn… you know…

Kim holds a Degree in Graphic Design and Animation but have always enjoyed writing.  From the time she picked up her first book in a 6th grade school library, she fell in love with the idea of getting lost in another world and wants to provide that for her readers.  Since that day, she began writing short stories and poems. It wasn’t until last year that she decided to take a chance at self-publishing an erotic romance series and thankfully she has been fortunate enough to have gained a fan base.

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