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Pennies On The Road ~ Destination Cleveland Author Event (Penny Lisa)

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Travelling to author events and book signings are an opportunity for bloggers to not only meet the authors they have read, but new ones too.  Last April Stephanie and I, along with our friends Laura and Penny, met up in Cleveland for the first Cleveland Author Event at the House of Blues.  We had an amazing time, met so many authors and bloggers and Stephanie and I got to meet in person for the first time.

HOBsStephanie Marshall


Laura and her husband were incredibly gracious hosts and opened up their home to me.  We had such a good time together and Laura was an excellent tour guide showing me all the great things Cleveland has to offer including The Original Pancake house where we will have to visit again, without a doubt.

Laura Dent II

So in a matter of months, we will be ascending upon Cleveland again to attend this event again.  Our group is trying to read through the list of authors and hope to make a major dent if not complete it entirely.

The most recent list of authors includes:

AD Justice, AM Madden, Abby McCarthy, Aleatha Romig , Alexis Noelle, Amy Harmon, Angela Graham, Bayli Michele, Beth Michele, Brooke Page, Chelle Bliss, Chelsea Camaron, Cheryl McIntyre, Chloe T Barlow, Christina Lee, Corinne Michaels, Dina Given, EK Blair, Emersyn Vallis, Emily Minton, Erin McCarthy, FL Jacob, Gretchen Le La O, Hilary Storm, HJ Bellus, J Daniels, JA Huss, JA Hensley, Jamie Begley, Jaime Whitley, Jayne Rylon, Jennifer SIvec, Jessie Lane, Julie Bailes, K Pinson, Kate Roth, Kathy Coopmans, Kemmie Michaels, Kimberly Stedronsky, Laura Dunaway, Lexi Ryan, Lisa Suzanne, Magan Vernon, Mia Sheridan, MJ Carnal, MJ Fields, Nelle L’Amour, Nina G Jones, River Savage, RL Griffin, Ryan Michele, Sadie Grubor, Sara Mack, Sarah Brianne, Shay Savage, Skye Turner, Stacey Bentley, Stacey Marie Brown, Stacey Mosteller, Stacy Borel, TH Snyder, Tara Sivec, Tessa Bailey, Tessa Teevan, Tia Louise, and Whitney Barbetti

*Names in bold are authors I have already read.


The event is sold out, but maybe you might be able to score some tickets if attending authors do any giveaways.


Laura and I will be attending the blogger/author breakfast the morning of the event and look forward to some one on one time with our favorite writers.  Getting to see Kimberly Stedronsky again will definitely be a highlight of the trip for me.
And while we won’t be able to repeat last year’s cupcakefest with Penny Reid, Renee Carlino and Carey Heywood, we are sure something just as magical will happen this year.
cupcakes cae

 T-minus 90 days and counting!!!

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