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By K. A. Sterritt

Release date: November 14, 2014
“One foot in front of the other. Breathe in, breathe out.”
Ashton hasn’t celebrated her birthday since her mother passed away.
Instead, it’s the one day of the year that she allows herself to grieve.
The rest of the year is spent pretending to be the strong and
independent woman she wants to be.
Professionally, she has it all together. A great job as an architect at Sydney’s most prestigious firm keeps her focused.
personal life is far less charmed. Emotionally detached from everyone
other than her small circle of friends and family, relationships are a
no-go zone.
Life is exactly how she wants it to be – until the day of her twenty-fifth birthday.
A chance encounter with Ryan Davenport, CEO of a property development firm, turns her tightly controlled life upside down.
is driven, ambitious and used to getting what he wants – and very
unexpectedly, what he wants is the beautiful, smart-mouthed Holly

When neither of them believes in happily ever afters, how are they supposed to find their own?

Review5 Pennies

This review was difficult for me to write because there is just so much I want to say about this book, but I don’t want to take anything away from readers getting their own experience when reading it.  The Holly Project is a very moving story about life, death, friends, family, and the journey of one girl to discover that there is a difference between just existing and living.

I really loved this book and can’t wait to see what will come next from K.A. Sterritt.

Holly suffers a great loss at the early age of 15 years old.  Loss always hits everyone differently, but in this case it had a profound effect on Holly’s life and the decisions that she makes in her personal life.  She grew up seeing a perfect love story between her dad and mom, so after her mother passed and she saw the shell of her dad, she made a decision from that day forward that she would never do that to anyone.  She would avoid love and relationships at all costs.  But sometimes fate has different plans.

Holly has a core group of friends, Audrey who has been in her life since childhood and is like a second sister.  Then you have Zara and Jason, both she met at the University, the foursome is very close and hangs out all the time together.  Even though Holly has a great start of a career as an architect and great friends, she is still not living.  She is basically floating through life and waiting for the inevitable death that will come.

When Holly lands her dream job and finds out her new client is the Ryan Davenport, she is floored and not sure what to think or do.  The instant chemistry they have for each other is amazing to watch develop.  The journey that we see over the span of a year for Holly, her friends, career, family and Ryan is one that fairy tales are made of…There is even a wicked witch known as Rachael.

Throughout this book we get to witness some very high moments and the lowest of the low moments for Holly, but we also get to witness her growth as an independent woman.  The discoveries that she makes and the strides that she makes for her future make for an amazingly moving story to read.  We get to see if two anti-relationship individuals can come together to make a future.

When Holly meets with her father at the suggestion of Audrey is one of my favorite parts of the book.  It is so raw and heart-warming to witness the changes in Holly just from talking with her dad.  When he explains to her that you can’t look at the end of life but you have to cherish what you were able to have, made me have to grab a tissue…

Holly’s father’s response to her question, “How are you even functioning?  Because for eighteen incredible years, I had everything. Some people never get that – I got eighteen years. Of course I wanted more. I wanted my forever. But I was lucky to get any time at all with that women…She’s still here with me Holly.  I’m not just functioning. I’m living.”








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