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Slate by MariaLisa deMora

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: July 31, 2014

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Synopsis 3

Andrew Jones grew up in a small town in Wyoming, and as a teen watched his family implode following the death of his father. Driven by the need to provide for his little brother, he begins looking for work, restlessly traveling from job to job on his Indian motorcycle, seeking something he cannot define.


Meeting Davis Mason, President of the Rebel Wayfarers MC in Chicago is a pivotal event in his life, and over the following years he gradually becomes Slate, assuming the persona as first a prospect into Mason’s MC, then as a full patch member. He has finally found the brotherhood he longed for, a sense of connection and belonging…a family and home.


The only thing missing from Slate’s life is a woman who can love him…all of him. He finds his match in a daughter of the MC, and his dreams become filled with her silent smiles, unruly red hair, and soft curves. Slate works to gain her trust, but as their relationship slowly begins to grow, ghosts from their previous lives threaten to ruin everything and put the woman he loves in grave danger.


Can he save her from dangers drawn to her by the past, or will she and their love be a casualty of conflict caused by the club.


4 Pennies

I enjoy reading any type of MC books.  This book is a twist on MC world through the life of one individual is trying to find his place in the world while traveling across the US on his bike.

Andy is a rancher at heart.  Growing up on his parent’s ranch in Wyoming he helped to keep the ranch running, especially after his father became ill and could no longer do it.  Andy’s life changed forever when his father passes and they sell the ranch and have to move to town.  Andy has a giant heart and wants to ensure that everyone is taken care of without any thought to himself.  He shows time and time again through the book that he is a selfless individual with a heart of gold.

Benny is Andy’s little brother.  When Andy needs to leave to find work and find his place in the world, Benny begins living with his Geema.  After Andy leaves, he stays true to his word and he makes sure that Benny and his grandparents have what they need by sending them money.

Throughout Andy’s motorcycle trip we get to experience so many different MC that he comes across from time to time.  The way that Andy proves himself in his odd jobs and his overall good nature, people seem to like him everywhere he goes.

The way this book was written gave an excellent back story into Andy’s life and travels and all the adventures along the way.  It is hard to even put into words how much I LOVED the characters in this book.  As I have said before Andy is an amazing person and it shows by the way people love him and want to be around him.  He has the true heart of a MC member, he takes great pride in the brotherhood and it shows.

The twists and turns throughout the book definitely kept me on my toes.  The very interesting individuals that we were introduced to from town to town, club to club were very entertaining and a bit scary at times.  The authors seems to capture the true essence of what it means to be in a MC, to be loyal and true, to hold brotherhood and family above all else.  I can’t wait to read more in the Rebel Wayfarers MC series.


Strolling up towards the house, he saw Andy sitting on the porch and his face broke into a huge smile. “My favorite brother, Andy, my man, whacha doing here?” He stepped up onto the porch and set the bags by the wall; squatting on the edge of the porch for a second, he dropped his feet and legs over the edge, slapping his ass down.

“I’m your only brother, asshat,” Andy responded.

Ben turned with an affectionate fist bump to the shoulder for Andy and grinned devilishly. “Hope you weren’t waiting long; I had to take care of my girl before I came home.”

Andy looked hard at Ben, trying to see past the tousle-headed little boy he used to be, who had always-worried eyes and a soft spot for strays of any kind. Looking at his brother now, he saw a young man taller than most fourteen-year-olds, with light blond hair long enough to style and ice blue eyes that seemed to smile all the time.

He was fit and defined, and walked with an easy grace. He honestly looked closer to seventeen than fourteen. In his face, you could see the man he would grow into, with a strong jaw and slightly upturned, straight nose. Ben was going to be a lady-killer, for sure, but he was starting too young, and with the wrong girl.

“Ben, you are fourteen. Ain’t nobody taking care of their girl at that age,” Andy drawled. He was a little put out with Ben, but couldn’t put his finger on why.

“I might be fourteen, but I at least have a girl,” Ben teased Andy. “I’m not sitting home every night with Rosie Palm and her five sisters, man.”

“Goddammit, Ben, do you know what her daddy’d do if he heard you talking like that about his little girl?” Andy twisted to look at the bags, zeroing in on what bothered him. “And what’s up with the shopping? You come into money I don’t know about?”

Ben had the grace to look a little sheepish. “She bought me a few clothes, is all. She wants me to look nice when we go out with her friends.” He shrugged. “It’s not a big deal; it’s only a couple of things.”

Andy looked at him and ran one hand through his hair. “If you needed new clothes, why didn’t you tell me, Benny? Have I ever said no?”

“It’s not that, Andy. My school clothes are all fine. These are for going out in, and they aren’t practical.”

Shaking his head, Andy looked at Ben and decided to change the subject. “Benny, you know I lost the mill job, yeah?” Ben nodded. “There aren’t any other jobs around here, so I’m headed to Denver in a couple of days; there’s oilfield work there. I’ll be back as I can, and I’m gonna send money to GeeMa for you.”

Ben sat and looked at him for a second, then leaned forward to put his elbows on his legs and dropped his head into his hands. With a strangled voice, he asked, “You’re leaving, Andy?” His fingers clenched in his hair and he rocked back and forth for a second.

Slinging an arm around his shoulders, Andy pulled him into his side in a one-armed hug. “It’ll be okay, shrimp. I’ll be back for a visit in a few weeks.” He could feel Ben’s muscles tense and tighten all over his body; he was holding himself stiff and eventually pulled away from Andy’s grip.

“Okay, Andy. Whacha need me to do?” Ben asked softly.

“Don’t need you to do anything, shrimp. Just keep going to school, learn lots, and do good things.” Andy pulled him back into a full hug, folding Ben against his chest and resting his chin on his little brother’s head. “I got this.”

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Author Bio

Raised in the south, MariaLisa learned about the magic of books at an early age. Every summer, she would spend hours in the local library, devouring books of every genre. Self-described as a book-a-holic, she says “I’ve always loved to read, but then I discovered writing, and found I adored that, too. For reading … if nothing else is available, I’ve been known to read the back of the cereal box.”


Oatmeal is her comfort food. She hates gardening but loves flowers; not cut arrangements, but in the wild, outside. She has a deep and abiding respect for our military. Her dad was career Air Force, and parades make her cry.


A serious hockey fan, she’s loyal to the Edmonton Oilers, and the local ECHL team, the Fort Wayne Komets, are a fav of hers. She has season tickets and even tries to hit the road games within a hundred-mile radius.


On music, she says, “I love music of nearly any genre — jazz, country, rock, alt rock, metal, classical, bluegrass, rap, hip hop … you name it, I listen to it. I can often be seen dancing through the house in the early mornings. But I really, REALLY love live music. My favorite thing with music is seeing bands in small, dive bars. If said bar has a good selection of premium tequila, then that’s a plus!”


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