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Just Say Yes by Jen Andrews

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Release Date: August 2014

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Synopsis 3

After an accident lands Zoey in the hospital, her life, once again, takes a turn in the wrong direction.


Andy starts acting differently and won’t talk to her about what is bothering him. He’s distant and broody, and the closer it gets to Zoey’s upcoming vacation, the more unsettling Andy’s behavior becomes.


Once Zoey leaves for vacation, life doesn’t get any easier for her, until she begins to volunteer at a local horse ranch. There she meets Josie, a former therapist, who spent her career helping orphans. While she is working at the ranch, unbeknownst to her, Josie is helping Zoey better herself and heal.


Zoey and Andy both realize they have issues from their troubling pasts that need to be dealt with during the month that Zoey is gone, and they agree to work on them. By the time she comes home, they’ve both succeeded at putting their previous tragedies behind them and are looking forward to their future together.


On what should be the happiest day of their lives, Andy is completely blindsided by disturbing news from his past. While Andy is away and trying desperately to find out if the information he’s received is true, Zoey suspects a life changing situation that could either ruin her and Andy, or make them completely whole.


Can their relationship survive Andy’s devastation, or will their lives fall apart forever? Will Zoey find it within her newfound strength to hold them together?

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Review5 Pennies

Where do I begin, I fell in love with Andy and Zoey in book one.  They both have so much tragedy and loss in their past that finding each other seems like it was meant to be.  They had many obstacles to overcome and it seemed like they were figuring out how to do it together.  Then the cliffhanger in book one left you with – what now….

This book starts where we left off from the first book; Zoey is still in the hospital and trying to come out of her coma but not really understanding why she can’t wake up.  You can see and hear the pain and sorrow that Andy and the James is going through waiting to see if Zoey is going to be alright.

So now Zoey and Andy are faced with a whole new set of emotional issues to overcome following Zoey’s accident.  Zoey has no idea what effect her accident has had on Andy and his emotional state, so when she goes home and pushes him too far it causes further tension in their relationship.  The Cabo trip could not have come at a better time, Zoey and Andy had personal issues they both needed to resolve on their own to be able to come together as the couple that they wanted to be.  Zoey’s fear is that it might be too late.

This book is full of emotional turmoil for both Zoey and Andy; they have their highs and their very lows.  It is amazing the bond that they have not only physical but emotional as well.  The love they share and show to each other is what every girl dreams of.

During this book we get to experience some really happy times for Zoey with her family and friends and she also finally gets to meet Andy’s aunt and uncle.

Jen Andrews you did an absolutely amazing job in this book.  The way that you capture the raw emotions between Zoey and Andy makes for a wonderful read.  You have a way of using words to describe feelings to the point that I, as the reader feel their pain as well.  I LOVED THIS BOOK, Zoey and Andy are amazing characters, as well as the entire James family and friends.  This book definitely has a jaw dropping cliff-hanger that I could hardly believe and made me want to scream….I can’t wait to read more of the story of the unmistakable love between Zoey and Andy.

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Author Bio

Jen Andrews was raised in a small town in Northern California, and still lives in the same county where she was born. She is a self-proclaimed music and lyric addict. She grew up in a ‘car family’ so her life has been spent around old hot rods. She and her husband, Jake, even have a few of their own. In her spare time, Jen loves to travel wherever she can. She finally lived her dream of traveling to New Zealand to see her favorite rugby team, the All Blacks, play. Jen loves to do photography as a hobby and continues to write.

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