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Book Review ~ Something Like That ~ by Lori Worley (Penny Deb)

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Synopsis 3

If you break apart and break down, does that mean you’re broken?

Less than a year ago Charlotte ended her relationship in an explosion of emotions and violence. These days she is still sifting through the wreckage to find all the pieces she lost in the fight. She just wants to remember who she wanted to be before she lost who she was.
Dylan was the product of a toxic love story that left him disenchanted with love but not with life. The son of two parents that let love and its disappointments destroy who they were. He wasn’t afraid of love but he didn’t pursue it either.
She was quirk and chaos.
He was cleverness and curiosity.
She was skeptical and blunt.
He was passionate and unashamed.
 But would they make sense together?
5 Pennies
I am not beating around the bush and I have to lay it out there right away – these was a 5 penny read for me all the way. I was hooked by the characters at page one, and have already re-read the book. The dialogue is so good that it is worth reading twice.
Charlotte tells the story, starting from the first day that she meets Dylan in a coffee shop. He starts making idle chatter while they wait on line, and he is funny, and charming, and she finds herself interested enough to meet him the next day for coffee even though they don’t know each others’ names. When she shows up, she finds he has ordered 12 combinations of drinks to be sure that he has gotten one that she likes. Who does that? They agree to another non-date, since Charlotte is very wary, and meet to go to a concert. During the concert, Charlotte knows there is something special about him, allowing her to forget her broken condition, and she turns to him for a kiss.  I have to share this: “It was the kind of kiss that destroyed other kisses; let you forget the first lips that pressed against yours and not care if any others after these ever did.”
So they both realize that they are getting in to something, and Charlotte warns Dylan that she is bad for him, that she breaks people. She had been in a relationship for three years that ended violently, with both Charlotte and her former boyfriend Eli being scarred physically and emotionally and having breakdowns. Dylan is smart, and funny, and sexy,  a professor at a local college, and everyone loves him. He watched his parents marriage disintegrate, and he too is wary but can’t deny the attraction. The question is, has Charlotte healed enough to give and receive love? Is Dylan prepared to get into a relationship when he sees how unstable and insecure that Charlotte is?
This book leaves you pulling for Charlotte, yelling at her, crying with her, willing her to make the right decisions. Dylan is one of the most likeable male characters I have read in a long time. He is not a growly alpha male, but he is real, he is caring, he is just the best book boyfriend! He is bright, witty, knows books, music, movies, pop culture, and he seems comfortable in any situation. He can put Charlotte’s harpy mother in her place and trade jokes with her sister.  I can’t say enough good things about this book. Read it – you will not be sorry. And I guarantee you will be highlighting so many lines! Thank you, Lori Worley.
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