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New Release and Review ~ Olivia by Lori L. Otto ~ Book 2 in the Choisie Series (Penny Lisa)

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In the face of grief, a teenage girl loses her passion for the thing she loves best, and attempts to replace the void by clinging to the boy she adores.

When devastating news brings an abrupt end to a romantic rendezvous, Livvy Holland struggles to accept the death of one of her closest mentors. Livvy’s artwork has always been an expression of her emotions, and avoiding the pain she feels from her recent loss makes painting seem impossible. Her inspiration gone, she devotes her attention to the future she’s planning with Jon Scott.

Blissfully happy in her own denial, all of Livvy’s free time has been given to the boy she’s always loved. Facing grown up decisions, she finds it hard to live up to her parents’ expectations of her as a daughter and an artist. Under her father’s constant scrutiny and persistent surveillance from curious paparazzi, Livvy finds it difficult to maintain the adult relationship she’s begun with Jon.

The changes in Livvy are evident to those closest to her, and a few that were once her allies begin to interfere with her personal life. This newfound attention – along with distractions that take Jon’s attention elsewhere – cause Livvy to question all the choices she’s made: what college she’ll attend, what man she should be with, and what she thought was her life’s purpose.

Livvy faces her greatest challenge when Jon’s unanticipated plans derail her own. Overwhelmed, confused, and longing to satisfy her own wants and needs, Livvy must endure more heartache before finding herself.

This book is intended for mature teens and adults.






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Olivia is the second book in the Choisie series.  I had been putting off reading Contessa (book one in the series) because I knew I would want to read the entire series from start to finish.  Well I wasn’t wrong in the assessment that I will absolutely be reading the next two installments in the series as soon as she makes them available.

So, Olivia aka Contessa, Livvy, Liv Little, Liv etc.  Livvy Holland is growing up and experiencing first love.  She has known Jon since they were children and they shared a love of art.  Both are talented and smart, but come from very different backgrounds.  As a result their relationship is not without its challenges.

Lori does a brilliant job in creating Olivia into a completely believable 16 year old, complete with eye rolling, tempered outbursts, sprinkled with some sneaking around behind her parent’s backs.  There were moments I wanted to throttle Liv for her behavior and treatment of her parents.  There were other moments when I was transported to my own first love and how many wondrous things came rushing back in memories.

Jon is written in such a way that you can’t help but love him.  He is overcoming incredible odds to try and raise himself out of a cycle of life he has no wish to remain in.  At times he is the voice of reason and at others the utmost in impulsiveness.

When both are faced with situations and decisions they are not necessarily equipped to handle or make, things take a turn forcing the characters to find themselves.

Of course I also got my fix of Jack Holland.  I am firmly on Team Jack and could not help but love him as much in his late 40s as I did in his 30s.

My hope is that the last two books in this series come in rapid succession.  I am very eager to find out what happens to Liv and Jon.


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After graduating from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1997 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Lori Otto worked in the billboard industry for ten years. Frustrated with trying to communicate entire messages in “seven seconds or less,” she decided to leave outdoor advertising and return to her love of creative writing.

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