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Cursed Audiobook ~ Written by SJ West ~ Narrated by Christa Lewis ~ Penny Pam

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Cursed: The Watchers Trilogy, Book 1

Written by SJ West

Narrated by Christa Lewis

Synopsis 3Since she was eight years old, Lilly Rayne Nightingale felt like Fate was trying to wipe away her existence through a series of odd, near fatal incidences. Luckily, her best friend Will was always one step ahead of Fate preventing her from being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Will was her knight in shining armor until he broke her heart after their one and only kiss.

On Lilly’s first day of college, she meets Brand Cole. Intrigued by Brand, Lilly must decide whether or not she can give up her adolescent fantasy of being reunited with Will and allow Brand the opportunity to conqueror her heart.

Not only do Will and Brand both love Lilly, they share a dark secret neither wants Lilly to discover. Lilly thinks Fate is after her once again when a new series of attempts on her life start to take place, but she soon learns someone of flesh and blood is trying to kill her this time.

Review5 Pennies

Cursed is the very first book in the Watchers Trilogy. We get to meet Lilly, Brand, Tara, Malcolm, and Will.  I have read this book, along with every book that has come after, but to be able to listen to it, was amazing.  As far as me being a reader, I hate it when life has to interrupt me, so to be able to not have to put the book down to go about daily errands…

I know there are readers who can’t stand to have someone else’s voice in their head, and while I sometimes feel that way, it was nice to be able to continue with the story while driving and cooking dinner.  🙂

The other great part about this…….right now, if you purchase the ebook, you can also purchase the audio version for $3.47 from Amazon.  So, for under $7.00 you can own the ebook along with the audio book, so no matter what life may throw your way, you can still enjoy this great story.



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