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Blog Tour Stop and Giveaway ~ Chat by Theresa Rite (Penny Pam)

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Chat front cover

Chat by Theresa Rite

Contemporary Erotica, Stand-Alone Novel 

Synopsis 3

When Sandy Quinn met Jason Brewer on the first day of second grade, a life-long friendship was born. 

Twenty-six years later, Jason is finally ready to move on from his divorce. His ex-wife leaves behind her Kindle, and he stumbles upon Bestselling Author Carissa Steel’s latest release. After learning that she lives less than an hour from his apartment- and is single- he contacts her on Facebook. As he struggles to flirt over chat, he enlists the help of his best friend.

Sandy has spent three years waiting for her boyfriend, Jack, to finally pop the question. At the same time Jason asks for her help, her world slowly begins to crumble around her. Through her pain, she continues to support her best friend, playing Cyrano to his newest conquest.

As Sandy begins to chat with Jason online, she creates a safe place to explore what neither of the friends thought would ever exist between them. As lines blur and are eventually crossed, they begin to wonder if amazing sex is worth risking a lifetime of friendship.

Twenty-six years… twenty-six letters.

Could they have always only needed each other?


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“Stay just like this. I’ll be right back, babe.”

I opened my eyes, watching him as he left the room.

Minutes passed as I contemplated what was to come. The change in dynamic between us, with me completely submissive and him in total control, frightened me in the most exciting way. 

When he returned, I saw the tie that I’d used to blindfold him earlier dangling from his hands. “Is this okay?” He asked softly, wrapping the silken fabric around my eyes.

As he secured a knot, he adjusted my hair.


“It’s okay,” I whispered.

I couldn’t see. I expected to be able to at least peek out the bottom of the blindfold, but he’d turned off the lamp. I could sense some light on either side of the bed, and realized that he’d lit candles. The flame flickered somewhere deep in the darkness, beyond the blindfold.

“Lift your hips,” he said, and I jumped as his deep voice cut through the silence.

Doing as he asked, I moved to my knees, flattening my chest on the bed.

I felt his hands gripping the top of my right thigh, and I clenched inside with just his touch. The soft material of the cuff fit snug against my skin as he strapped the restraint on me. He moved onto the next thigh, and I tried to be still.

“Give me your hands. Turn your face and rest your cheek on the bed.”

Tentatively, I reached behind my back. He straightened my arm, and the cuff locked to my right wrist first, and then my left.

“Are you okay?”

I forced words to my throat. “Yes,” I managed.

“I… forgot to take this off.” His finger hooked in the thin band of my thong. “I have two options. I can either take off the cuffs, or rip this off of you.”

I smiled as he talked through the problem.

Bravely, I turned, the blindfold still firmly in place. “I said you could tie me up, Jason. I never said you could strip me.”

He made a sound that was a mixture between a groan and a laugh. I felt his weight shift the bed, and my heart hammered against my chest when I realized that he was right behind me.

I tried to pull at my arms, but they were locked to my thighs. 

“I can work with that,” he said, and I sucked in my breath as his hands flattened over my back.

Text Copyright © 2014 by Theresa Rite


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5 Pennies

We get to meet Sandy and Jason in Chat, they have known each other since they were just kids and have been best friends from that day forward.

While Sandy and Jason have always avoided being together in a relationship (although they did try when they were in their teens), they have been each others support with everything.  Sandy is in a relationship that isn’t healthy, but she keeps thinking that it’s not as bad as it was.  She hasn’t told Jason about everything that has happened, but he does know some things.

While Jason is starting to explore a relationship with someone he has met online, Sandy thinks that he might need some experience that might help him along.  What neither one thinks about is the fact that they are opening themselves up to each other, and what might happen once they cross that “line”.

This story has so many hot moments, that when I read the phone text scene, I immediately wrote Theresa, and said “OMG!! That phone chat scene HOLY HOTNESS!!!!”  Let’s just say that while I have read quite a few books that have made me think my kindle might melt or that I would need to be mopped up from a puddle on my floor, that scene was just something else for me.

I completely fell in love with Jason, he is sweet, caring, and one of the hottest bbf around.  I would love for him to send me some text messages.  Sandy has had a rough go when it comes to being in a relationship and sweeping things under the rug that should have been dealt with differently, but who am I to judge what is or is not right for a person to handle situations (and let’s not forget this is fiction).  Sandy goes into experimenting with Jason without thinking that while they are best friends, and always have each others back, this might/will change the way they look at each other and what it is that they want out of everything.  Jason always knew, Sandy was his, but out of respect for Sandy and her fears, he went along with her ideas.

Watching these two come together and start being honest with each other and themselves was a wonderful journey to watch play out.

Theresa has shown me that she certainly can bring the heat, and I for one look forward to reading anything she decides to put out there……and I will certainly never get over the heat that she delivered.

Author Bio

Theresa Rite

Theresa Rite is the author of erotic and romantic fiction. She lives in Ohio with all of her books and is happy to connect with her readers.

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