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Blog Tour Stop ~ Waking Up by Renee Dyer (Penny Lisa)

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Waking Up Cover

Synopsis 3

For Adriana Monroe life couldn’t get any better.  She has great friends, her photography business is booming and she married Alex, her childhood best friend.  Life is perfect.  It’s a fairy tale really.

But one night changes everything for her.

Suddenly she’s alone.  She’s afraid to trust and afraid to love.  Most of all she’s afraid she’s broken beyond repair.  Nightmares torment and haunt her every time she closes her eyes.

Will she ever be the same?

For Tucker Stavros it looks to the outside world like things come easy for him.  He’s gorgeous, rich, famous, has a hot girlfriend.  Hell, he’s a movie star.  If women aren’t trying to get with him then men are wishing they are him.  What they don’t see is the broken child hiding behind the smiles he fakes for the cameras.  They don’t see the man who wakes up drenched in sweat from his nightmares from a past he can’t escape.

Betrayal sends him running.

A chance encounter throws Tucker and Adriana together.  They try to fight their attraction for each other.  They feel they’re too broken for the other.

Will they continue to suffer in the hell of dreamland separately or will they find that Waking Up to real life together can be so much sweeter?





4.5 Pennies


Having not not read the synopsis of this book before I began reading and had no idea what I was in for.   It was a pleasant surprise.  While the dual POV from the main characters slowed my reading down at the beginning, once additional characters were introduced into the story, the book progressed at a nice pace.

Adri and her friends are very likable characters.  They are a tight knit group with a long storied history and are bound by a strong love for one another.  Adri is struggling with a difficult life event and when a handsome stranger/non stranger arrives out of nowhere.  Being the trusting individual she is, she invites Tucker, into her home after he helps her with her groceries.  She enjoys having someone to cook for and showcase her culinary talents for.

Tucker has hit the road trying to distance himself from a very bad and public breakup.  Trying to stay under the radar is wearing on his nerves and he takes the advice of someone he loves and goes off the beaten path.

Renee takes these two very vulnerable individuals, throws them together in what seeks like a completely plausible situation and makes you feel for them, fall in love with them and has you wanting them to fall in love with each other.  The baggage that each carries creates so much conflicted tension that the tears welled up for me time after time.

This is the first book in the series and I look forward to seeing where it takes these characters whom I have grown to love.



Author Bio

HeadshotWhen not writing you’ll find me surrounded by my hubby, three boys and chocolate lab Bruschi. I enjoy reading as much as writing. I’m hoping to get to know my fans so ask me questions. I’m an open book. Pun fully intended. 🙂





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