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Worth Keeping by Susan MacNicol (Penny Pam)

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Worth Keeping  Written by Susan MacNicol

Published on December 23, 2013













Book SynopsisAbused horrifically as a boy, Nick Mathers has come to terms with his existence as a man. Mostly. Other days life seems a little much. Especially when Nick knows he’ll always be alone.

On those days his thoughts turn black. He walks the Norfolk coast and considers the frigid embrace of the waves. And then, one stormy night, he finds someone who’s tasted just that. The beautiful stranger on the beach is near death, and Nick rushes him home to slowly nurse back to health. As he does, he finds a love unlike any other. Owen Butler’s body is as warm as the sea was cold, his heart as big as an ocean. And Owen is a man who swears to repay the favor. Nick can yet be saved from himself, and he will see that he is indeed a man…

4 Pennies4 out of 5 Pennies




1 ReviewWorth Keeping is a wonderful read, although it has its very dark points that sometimes seem to be glossed over in other books, it is still a true love story about 2 men who are broken in their own way.

Nick was abused as a child, which has left him unsure about himself, which has also led him into an abusive relationship that he has since escaped, but is still haunted by the words that are always running through his mind.

Owen has lost the love of his life and decided his life would be better if he was no longer living.

Fate intervened and brought these two broken men together, but can they heal themselves along with each other? Can Nick fight the demons and nightmares that haunt him and allow himself to open up both physically and emotionally? Can Owen deal with the limits Nick has placed upon himself?

I loved this story, yes it is dark and you can’t help but feel for Nick and root for him to be able to believe in himself and his abilities to do whatever it is he wants to do. His past makes such a big impact on his life and his future that I couldn’t help but cry a few tears in the hope that he could believe in himself half as much as Owen believed in him.

And Owen, who loves so easily. Can he continue to show his love and support to the man who doesn’t feel worthy? Owen is dealing with his own past, a past that has left him feeling so much more vulnerable that he is left questioning himself.

While trying to help Nick, without his knowledge, Owen opened the door to his very abusive past. Can Nick fight one of his greatest fears or will he crumble under his fear and his abusive past? Will Nick and Owen have a future together or will someone or something come in between them?

Nick and Owen found a way into my heart and they are continuing to live there. I am looking forward to reading more from this author.


Susan Mac NicolI live in the UK near London with my husband and two grown up children. I think my Twitter profile probably says enough about me to give you an idea who I am.

‘Author of contemporary romance novels,wannabe scripts,independent, pain in the bum, humorous, driven, prone to strong opinion.’

I’ll leave off the last bit of my profile. It relates to a fascination I have with a certain young British actor called Benedict Cumberbatch who was the inspiration for my leading man, Bennett Saville, in my Starlight trilogy.

I was born in the UK, moved to Johannesburg, South Africa 42 years ago, and of that I’ve been back in the UK since 2000, loving every minute.

Some of the highlights of my life – apart from getting married, having kids and moving countries – I’ve been picked up by a punter who thought I was a prostitute (there is a proper story behind this, I promise) , been involved in a car smash much like the heroine, Cassie, in Cassandra by Starlight, (only not as a result of a falling body on my car!), become a Wiccan, spent time in Kenya, where my older sister was born, and had a dream of being published recognised with my debut novel.

All my books are available on my website or at

You can also follow my blog at

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Review ~ Apples Should Be Red by Penny Watson (Penny Maggie)

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Apples Should Be Red by Penny Watson

Apples Should Be Red

By Penny Watson

Publication date February 15, 2014

Book Synopsis

Recipe for Thanksgiving Dinner:

Start with sixty-two year old politically incorrect, chain-smoking, hard-cussing curmudgeon.

Add fifty-nine year old sexually-repressed know-it-all in pearls.

Throw in a beer can-turkey, a battle for horticultural supremacy, and nudist next-door neighbor.

Serve on paper plates, garnished with garden gnome.

Tastes like happily ever after.

Penny Watson presents an over-fifty romantic comedy novella. 21,000 words. Story includes copious profanity and botanical references


5 Pennies

5 out of 5 Pennies

I was so excited when Penny Watson announced the release date for Apples Should Be Red. It had been in my Goodreads To Be Read list since pretty much the moment it had been posted. When Penny announced on Facebook that Amazon had put it up earlier than expected, I couldn’t get to that One Click button fast enough. I love Penny’s sense of humor and I was intrigued by the idea of a romance about older people who break the romance novel mold.

I really enjoyed this novella. The main characters, Tom and Beverly, are unconventional for a romance novel. We’ve seen similar types before – a hard swearing, beer drinking, chain smoking hero and a cowed, repressed heroine who was emotionally beaten down by her husband – but none who have been card-carrying members of AARP. Beverly wants everything to be perfect, everyone to be well spoken, well behaved and neighborly. She’s never without her pearls and has a system for everything. Tom, my favorite of the two main characters, is a riot. He is the epitome of a grumpy old man. He wants to be left alone to the point where his front lawn is more like a jungle to squash any urge his neighbors may have to visit.


They are complete opposites with great chemistry. They are an absolute odd couple. But it’s their differences, and the determination of each of them to get the other to give up the part of their personalities that’s holding them back that makes it so much fun to watch this romance unfold. I loved that Penny gave us believable characters with a refreshing change of decade and a real sense of humor. This is truly a romance, with some great pensioner sex thrown in!

1 Teaser

One of my favorite scenes is when Bev and Tom go out to weed his vegetable garden:

“We’re weeding all right. Bastard weeds. You ever seen stinging nettle?”

“No. That doesn’t sound good.”

“How about Jimson weed?”

“No, I get dandelions.”

“Dandelions. For Christ’s sake, those aren’t weeds. They’re food. They’re edible. I’m talking about bastard, motherfucking weeds. Plants that try to kill you, poison you, shoot you with chemicals. This garden isn’t some pansy-ass annual border with mari-fuckin’-golds. This is war. I’ve got weeds that try to strangle the other plants. I’ve got poison ivy that will send you to the ER. War. We’re at Defcon One. Got it?”

Tom’s face was so close, Bev could see every wrinkle around his eyes, every black and white whisker on his cheeks, a scar on his chin. She nodded. “Got it.”

Author Bio


PENNY WATSON is a native Pittsburgher whose love of romance started at the age of twelve when she discovered Gone With The Wind in the middle school library. This resulted in numerous attempts at a first novel involving a young lady with windswept hair who lived in a treehouse.

A biologist by training, Penny has worked at various times as a dolphin trainer, science teacher, florist, and turfgrass researcher (don’t ask). After taking time off to raise her two spirited children, she decided to rekindle her passion for storytelling. Now she gets to incorporate her wide array of interests, including gardening, cooking and travel into her works of fiction. Penny lives outside of Boston with one fly-fishing crazed husband, two lively Filipino kids, and a wiener dog.



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Eight more days until Breaking Spades by W. Ferraro is released

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Eight more days until Breaking Spades by W. Ferraro is released

What I’m Reading ~ Revenge Vol. 1 by J.J. Knight (Penny Stephanie)

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J.J.  Knight

REVENGE, Volume 1.

Released February 14, 2014

Book Synopsis

Jess moves to LA for her dream job as a music intern. On her first day, she bumps into Dylan busking on

a street corner.

Dylan Wolf has a gritty voice. His eyes are soulful. His incredible body is to die for, tattoos and all.

When Dylan looks at Jess, she feels emotions she’s never had before. He can be sweet, but his dark moods scare her. When he sings, the whole world falls away.

Jess and Dylan’s meeting hasn’t gone unnoticed. At her job, Jess is summoned to the mysterious ninth floor. Her new assignment is to get close to Dylan. By seducing him.

Jess is shocked. She’s an innocent girl.

Selling her body would be immoral. It would be wrong.

But strange things are happening at the company. No matter which decision she makes, she might be in danger.

One thing is for sure: If she takes this assignment, Jess will never be the same.


5 Pennies5 Pennies out of 5

J. J. Knight didn’t write the normal everyday romance.  Revenge has you asking who is Dylan Wolfe? (And answering I can’t wait to learn more!!!!)   I absolutely loved the first installment and can’t wait to read the rest. Once I picked it up to read I couldn’t put it down till I was done. Definitely left me wanting more (which was the point). Thank you for including me in the ARC review and I hope to be considered for more in the series. I’m excited to see how the down home naive country girl handles her big bad tattooed rock star Wolf!!!! Great beginning to a series…

REVENGE VOLUME 1 is 27,000 words or about 110 pages.
REVENGE is a 5-part series.
Each book is approximately the same length.
Contains some MATURE content.

Volume 2 – coming February 28, 2014


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What I’m Reading ~ UnMaking Marchant by Ella James (Penny Stephanie)

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Unmaking Marchant (Love Inc., #3)

Publication Date: February 11, 2014


Marchant Radcliffe, owner of the exclusive Love Inc. brothel, is no stranger to darkness. He lost his parents in a plane crash and since college has harbored a secret almost too terrible to bear. He keeps his head above water by pouring his energy into his business—and he’s thrived, despite the dark blot on his soul.

Then, after ten years of good fortune, Marchant’s skeletons start to peek out of the closet, tossing him down a trail of ruin that begins with arson and could end with murder. Because he’s kept his struggles private, he has no one to pull him back from the brink.

After a breakup with her longtime fiancé, Suri Dalton, daughter of one of Silicon Valley’s tech tycoons, has nowhere to go except her BFF’s new penthouse in Las Vegas. The last thing Suri is looking for is a man, but after drowning her woes in wine on the flight over, she stumbles into a torrid make out session with a beautiful stranger—who just so happens to be Marchant Radcliffe, playboy and literal pimp.

Despite an immediate attraction, Suri writes Marchant off as exactly the sort of guy she should avoid. Until Love Inc. goes up in flames, Marchant winds up at the bottom of a swimming pool, and Suri is the only one around to pull him out.

What happens when what you see isn’t what you get? What do you do when destiny is too alluring to resist and too dangerous to survive?


5 Pennies out of 5

5 Pennies

Absolutely loved this installment of the Love Inc Series, this is listed as book 3 in the series.  I had read and loved the previous two books and had been waiting on this one to be released.  I enjoyed this book just as much as the others.  All of the books definitely have their own story line and could be standalone novels.   I know for me it made the story line that much better being able to know all bits and pieces of the characters from each book.

This book starts with a little back story from the first two books.  This helps to get the reader up to speed as to where the story line is heading.  I like it when authors start out this way, because it helps me to get back in the swing of the characters and their stories.  This is also very helpful for the reader who chooses to not read the books in the order they were written.

Marchant has a lot of demons in his past and present but definitely has a good heart (rich and gorgeous too!)  This book is very fast pace and has many twist and turns, but I loved every minute of it.  In my mind it ended way too quickly.  I wanted more, but isn’t that what makes an excellent author when they leave the reader wanting more.

The story of Marchant and Suri is quite an adventure.  I am glad that Suri doesn’t let him push her too far away before she is able to fully understand his true personality.  The characters in Ella James books all have their own flaws but are able to find their other halves that lead to happiness.  I was sad to see the book end but excited to see how the story will continue in the Novella.

Author Bio

Ella James is a Colorado author who writes teen and adult romance. She is happily married to a man who knows how to wield a red pen, and together they are raising a feisty two-year-old who will probably grow up believing everyone’s parents go to war over the placement of a comma.

Ella’s books have been listed on numerous Amazon bestseller lists, including the Movers & Shakers list and the Amazon Top 100; two were listed among Amazon’s Top 100 Young Adult Ebooks of 2012.


To find out more about Ella’s projects and get dates on upcoming releases, find her on Facebook and follow her blog,

Questions or comments?

Tweet her at author_ellaj or e-mail her at

Everlasting (Night Watchmen, #1) by Candace Knoebel (Penny Pam)

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Everlasting (Night Watchmen, #1)Written by Candace Knoebel

Published on February 19, 2014

Book SynopsisWhat if your destiny lay on the other side of death?

The annual Culling ceremony is a day every coming-of-age novice looks forward to within the Primeval Coven. It’s the start to being initiated into the Night Watchmen, humankind’s protectors, and it’s the long-awaited day when novices discover if they’re a Hunter or a Witch.

But this day is not a happy one for Faye Middleton. Not when she’s known her whole life that she’s a Defect and is about to face banishment in front of her fellow novices. She’s forced to attend the Culling with little hope for her future, but what she discovers about herself is far worse than she could’ve imagined. And far more dangerous.

Thrown into training and separated from her friends, Faye must learn to adjust. She struggles to find her place within the Coven, and with Jaxen Gramm, the darkly handsome and extremely unnerving man assigned to watch and protect her. Emotions run high, and when she discovers a deadly secret about him, her struggles deepen. As corruption within the Coven begins to unravel, Faye pieces together her role in saving the future of her people, and within Jaxen’s life…but will the truth save her, or be her undoing?

4 Pennies4 out of 5 Pennies

ReviewEverlasting is the first book in the Night Watchmen Series. We meet Faye, who comes from a very famous family. Her father is a Hunter and her mother is a Witch, both of which are very powerful and very well known in their world. So, where does that leave Faye? She has been told since she was very young that her life would not be either a witch or a hunter, she was told she had no powers, growing up knowing that she would soon become an outcast she is not looking forward to her Culling ceremony. So, what is she supposed to do with the fact that not only does she show tremendous powers in both, a hunter and a witch?

Faye is faced with many questions and not as many forthcoming answers. She is kept a secret from everyone around her, except a few chosen people. She is also faced with the fact she is falling for a hunter who is already partnered with a witch. Everything that is happening in Faye’s life, none of which she is prepared for, is unknown not only by Faye herself, but of everyone around her.

What do you do when you believe your life will take you to one place, only to find out that fate has another plan for you? What do you do when everything you believe to be true is tested? With this being the first book of the series, many of these questions remain unanswered, but to be able to see what Faye and her companions will do next left me dreading the last page. It was an enjoyable read, yes the paranormal aspects are there, but there is also a quality of real life in this book. When fate throws you a curve ball, what will you do with the chance to be something you always dreamed of being, but never thought you would have the chance of being?

I am looking forward to reading the next installment of this series, I fell in love with Faye and Jaxen and the other characters and I can’t wait to see what happens next.


Image of Candace KnoebelCandace Knoebel is the award-winning author of Born in Flames (a young adult fantasy trilogy).

Published by 48fourteen in 2012, Born in Flames went on to win Turning the Pages Book of the Year award in February of 2013. Embracing the Flames, the second in the trilogy, is scheduled for release in the summer of 2013.

Candace Knoebel discovered through lunch breaks and late nights after putting her kids to bed, a world where she could escape the ever-pressing days of an eight to five Purgatory. Since then, she crawled out of Purgatory and has devoted her time to writing and sometimes heelying.

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Illicit Desire by Kasey Millstead Release Day Blitz

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Illicit Desire by Kasey Millstead

Published on February 17, 2014












Book SynopsisBeau Diesel…He was my “one”. My one that I would sacrifice everything for. My one that I wanted to be with until I took my final breath. My one that completed me.

i wanted him. I needed him. But he was off limits. I knew this, but the risk of consequences didn’t outweigh the depth of my desire.

So, I fought for our love.

But, I wasn’t Beau’s “one”.

So, he fought against our love.

He fought so hard, eventually I had to give up, I had to admit defeat.

But, that’s the thing about love – when you’re down and out, true love wins. It prevails…and it raises you up.

***This is a stand alone novel, with a happy ever after ***



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