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Book Review~Revenge Vol. 2 by J.J. Knight (Penny Stephanie)

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Revenge Vol. 2   By J.J. Knight

Publish date February 28, 2014

Book Synopsis

Dylan Wolf is more than just a street musician with a body and voice to die for.

He holds the key to Jess Rivera’s future, and her heart.

The mystery unfolds in Revenge #2.

**Contains mature content, ages 17+**

REVENGE VOLUME 2 is 27,000 words or about 110 pages.
REVENGE is a 5-part series.
Each book is approximately the same length.


5 Pennies

5 Pennies out of 5

Oh My, What has Jess gotten herself into?  The second installment in the series begins right where the first installment left off.  Dylan is speeding through LA and Jess is seriously questioning what she has gotten herself into.

At times I was extremely pissed off at Dylan for acting like a complete ass!  Then there are other times that make you think, does Dylan have split personality.  During the car ride there is something that Dylan says to Jess that just made me fall in love with him.

They are driving and Jess is speaking of her friends back home and this is how Dylan responds with his thoughts on strangers, friends, wants and dreams.

“Strangers never get as jealous as friends.  They wish they had your dreams.  Most people look at another person’s life, and they say they want their money.  But what they really want is their dreams.  They want the one thing money can’t buy.  Dreams are what gets you out of bed in the morning, and keep you alive.” 

Dylan has so many layers and I think Jess has only seen the beginning.  Dylan appears to be every girls dream musician, but I think the author is going to take us places with Dylan and Jess that we can’t even see coming.

Nick comes back into the picture and appears that he could become one of Jess’s best allies, but in LA you never know who you can trust.  There isn’t much more about the exact company that Jess works for and what they are going to expect from her.  But you get a taste and it definitely leaves you guessing.

JJ Knight has a hit with this series.  When I got to the end of book 2, I just wanted to scream, because I knew it meant I am going have to wait and count the days until book 3 is released.  

Volume 3 – coming March 7, 2014


 iTUNES and GooglePlay – coming soon

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