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What I’m Reading Now (Penny Stephanie)~ I’m Holding On by Scarlet Wolfe

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I'm Holding On

Book Synopsis

Published February 6, 2014

Drew Clark is the manager of his parents’ busy coffee shop, Clark’s Coffee Grind in Portland, Oregon. Brynlee Townsend, a pastry chef, rents space from Clark’s to run her business. Drew and Brynlee instantly connect and become best friends. Two years pass, and both have fallen hard for the other but could never get the nerve to express their true feelings for fear of damaging their friendship.

Ian Williams returns to Portland after graduating from Columbia law school in New York. He crosses paths with Brynlee, and they have an immediate attraction to each other.
Since Brynlee’s tired of waiting around on Drew to show a romantic interest in her, she agrees to go out with Ian. Sparks fly and an intense relationship forms quickly.

When Drew discovers that Brynlee is dating, he becomes jealous and finally gets the nerve to express to her his strong feelings. The news from Drew and a big twist leave Brynlee shocked and unsure if she can trust that his feelings are genuine. She’s falling for Ian fast, but he’s never been in love and is honest with her that he’s been a player in the past. She’s torn, unable to choose, so she begins seeing both of them.

Drew’s determined to show Brynlee they have chemistry while Ian fights to show her that along with their intense physical connection, he can be a good friend. Hot dates occur, passion builds and tempers flare as both men become possessive and desperate to win her over.

The more time Brynlee spends with them, the harder it becomes for her to make a decision. Ultimately, who will she give her heart to? Will the man Brynlee chooses want it after all they’ve been through?

For mature audiences due to explicit sexual scenes and language.

1 Teaser

Here is a teaser told from Brynlee’s point of view. I’m Holding On is a hot, love triangle that was released on Valentine’s Day!

Brynlee’s point of view while she’s with Ian:
His magnetic, green eyes bore into me, his breath still warming my pores like a sauna, and the words off his tongue are the most erotic syllables I’ve ever heard.
“You deserve pleasure, and I can feel that you want it from me.” He points at my chest. “There’s a sensual woman wanting to come out and play.”
I climb off of him and sit on the couch.
“You’re dangerous.”
“I’m freeing, and it scares you that you want to be, too,” he says, running a finger down my thigh.
“You should probably go.” He’s right. He makes me want to explore parts of myself I’ve kept locked away, parts no other man has tapped into.
My body is on fire, aching and clawing at me to set it free. It wants to come out to play alright. It wants recess with Ian. He’s everything I’m not, and I love it.
Instead of looking upset or worried that he has to leave, he gives me a cocky smile. He’s too much. Standing, he prowls in front of me and leans over, planting his hands on each side of me on the couch. I lean back, and he leans in more.
“Thank you for an enlightening evening, sweet girl.” He gives me one soft kiss on my quivering lips before his firm ass and lean frame, accentuated with muscles in all the right places, walk away from me.
He turns at the door, and I have a clear view of his blonde hair I messed up. I already miss his touch, and the shit eating grin on his face tells me he knows it.

Out the door he goes, and I exhale the biggest breath. It feels like minutes that I’ve been holding it, unaware of anything but my craving for this sinful man.


4.5 pennies

4.5 pennies out of 5

This book has a very unconventional love triangle, that keeps you guessing.

When I was asked to review this book I couldn’t wait.  I had no idea what I was in for.  I picked it up one day thinking I would get it started little did I know; I didn’t put it down until I was finished.   I had quite the book ‘hangover’ the next day for work.  🙂

While reading this book, I developed a love/hate relationship with Drew, Ian and Brynlee.  At times I just wanted to throw my Kindle across the room because I would get so frustrated with how utterly stupid Drew was behaving and not sharing his thoughts and feelings appropriately.  Let’s just say communication goes a long way (no one can read minds).

This book is a twist on the traditional love triangle.  Brynlee is a young single women working hard to grow and start her own bakery some day.  With being focused on this she didn’t have time for a dating life.  That all changed in an instant, she went from having no man in her life to having two and not knowing what to do.

Throughout the book I did get frustrated with Brynlee especially during her, let’s call it, time of discovery with Drew and Ian.  It made me mad that she just wouldn’t suck it up and make a decision.  On the other side of the coin I was disappointed with Ian and Drew for just going along with her plan.  By them waiting on her, Brynlee was able to have her cake and eat it too…

This book did wrap it all up in the end, which I really enjoyed.  Then I was also happy to learn that there will be a spin-off from ‘I’m Holding On’ that will be released later this year by Scarlet Wolfe, ‘I’m Holding Out’.  I can’t wait to read it.

Author Bio

Image of Scarlet Wolfe

Scarlet Wolfe began writing in January of 2013 as a way to distract and heal from some of the grief she was dealing with after the death of her teenage son.
She instantly fell in love with bringing characters to life. Releasing contemporary romance throughout 2013, she has already branched out this year, releasing erotica and teen.
When not writing, Scarlet enjoys reading on the Kindle app, baking, being crafty and spending time with her friends and family.
She believes sex is a healthy part of living and hopes her writing will encourage readers to feel comfortable exploring their sexuality.



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