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Book Review (Penny Stephanie)~Lasting Attraction by Ashley Beale

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Lasting Attraction (Cassie, #3)

Lasting Attraction(Cassie #3)

Author~ Ashley Beale

Published~February 14, 2014   Book Synopsis

Temptation, mistakes, love, and heartbreak- these things have consumed Cassie McKnight’s life since starting college almost two years ago. While  Avery Manning and Pierce Danielson have consumed her heart.

Cassie finally comes to terms with who and what she wants, but sometimes when we make decisions, life decides something else for us. This time, she is bound and determined to fight for what she wants. For what she deserves. For the one she truly and hopelessly loves. It can only be that simple, when the one she loves, loves her enough to keep fighting as well.

Sometimes in finding your happily ever after, you have to find yourself first. This is a lesson all three learn in Lasting Attraction, the third and final installment to the Cassie series.


4.5 pennies

4.5 Pennies out of 5

I am torn when reading a book that is a final in a series.  Because once I am done I am saying good bye to them and that saddens me.  But I was still very anxious to see what was to come with Cassie, Avery and Pierce.  So I put my fears aside and started reading part 3 in the Cassie Trilogy.

It starts out where we left off, with Avery gone, and Cassie and Pierce appear to be in love and in a relationship.  Sometimes looks can be deceiving especially when you are talking about this crazy love triangle.  There is a wrench thrown in the middle of the happy couple (Cassie and Pierce) when Avery comes home during a week long break. He is staying in Cassie’s other bedroom, where he lived prior to leaving.  As seen in books one and two, Cassie never takes the easy way with anything when it comes to her love life and these men.

You can see in this book that the Avery is starting to grow as a person and realize that there is more to life and if you sit back and wait for it to happen; life will happen without you.  He makes a decision to go after what he wants and feels is his, but is it too late.  Throughout the book there are many life altering events that occur for all three of these characters.  I found myself at times just wanting to smack some sense into Cassie.  (Too bad you can’t do that when reading)

Just when it appeared that Avery, Cassie and Pierce were figuring out the right path for their lives, the author threw in a big life altering curve.

This book made me laugh at many of the silly misunderstandings that could have been avoided with a conversation, and crying when it seemed that yet another tragedy could end a future that was just being discovered.

This book was amazing, the epilogue gave me just enough to be happy to say goodbye to Cassie, Avery and Pierce.  I do have to say both Avery and Pierce had qualities that made each of them a good catch, but I am definitely Team Avery all the way!!!!!

Author Bio

Ashley Beale

Ashley Beale, 25, is an indie author and self-publisher from the beautiful state of Maine. She comes from a large, loving family, which she adores completely, is a mother of two, has the best of friends, and really enjoys connecting with her fans!

Ashley has a love for reading and writing, traveling, watching great movies and addictive TV series, doing crafts, exploring, or just laying back with a glass of wine.


To find out more about Ashley, visit any of her official webpages:…


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