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Dancing with Demons (Dancing #2) by Andrea Heltsley (Penny Pam)

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Dancing with Demons (Dancing, #2)

Written by Andrea Heltsley

Published February 5, 2014

Book SynopsisAfter what happened with the murders, things have settled down. Too bad the tension hasn’t.  Life for Wendy is more stressful than ever.  Not only does she have to finish her senior year, but also find a way to live past next year.  Being a succubus brings with it no warning label and things are still rocky with Matt.  Two new students transfer to school and Wendy manages to find herself being the center of attention once again.

4 Pennies

4 out of 5 Pennies

ReviewDancing with Demons is the 3rd installment to this story. Wendy is trying to deal with the repercussions from her decision not to take the life of Brandt to sustain her own, there is a rift between her and Matt that she can’t seem to fix. Wendy starts the last semester  of her high school career, not knowing if she will live long enough to start college or even knowing what may happen to her next. The other students at her school are still gossiping about her and everything that transpired the previous semester, so trying to keep out of the spotlight doesn’t seem to be working out for Wendy.

Now there are new students that seem to have found their way into the tight group of friends made up by Wendy, Halle, and Jackson and Wendy is not sure how to handle all the changes that have happened in her life along with the changes in her friends lives as well. Feeling a little left out, when the dreams return, but with a much different feel to them, Wendy keeps quiet again. She is keeping secrets and doesn’t have any answers to what will happen next in her life. When it seems as though Wendy is losing control, her mother takes her away for the weekend to get some answers. What happens next is just more questions and decisions that must be made, and without any clue where to start Wendy is confused.

When things out of the ordinary start happening more often, Wendy has made a decision to move away to try and save the lives of the friends she loves. But with emotions running high, Wendy runs into more problems that seem to be out to destroy her.

This was another installment that dragged me under from the start and wouldn’t let go until the end, and I’m still wanting more.

Author Bio

Andrea HeltsleyAndrea Heltsley is a new adult and young adult author. She started writing in 2012 and hasn’t stopped since. She lives in Tennessee with her husband and two Italian Greyhounds. Ice cream, coffee and candy are always necessities. When writing, Andrea loves to listen to all kinds of music and always has a candle burning. When she’s not writing, you can find her nose in a book. Her favorite forms of entertainment are reading, Shakira and The Vampire Diaries.

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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed the book!! I was so nervous! Thanks a bunch for taking the time to review it!


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