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What I’m Reading ~ DONE DEAL by Rene D. Schultz (Penny Pam)

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Done Deal cover

Done Deal by Rene D. Schultz

Publication Date:  December 9, 2013

1 Book Synopsis

Cissy is just your typical hard working, single mother, who leads a very simple life until one day, when a cancer diagnosis leave her spinning in circles. Not one to sit around and do nothing, and with experience in the medical field, she decides to research new medication and clinical studies on the Internet. All of a sudden, she hit a block wall. The pharmaceuticals are holding back and shelving drugs that have the potential to save lives. Why aren’t there clinical studies on these drugs? Why aren’t they being produced and dispensed? Why is this happening?

Cissy goes on a quest to find these answers and what she discovers is shocking. With an anger that leaves her cynical and with time running out, she sets out to ‘right a wrong.’ She forfeits her integrity and leaves a legacy that will crush the greedy pharmaceuticals and the corrupt insurance companies!

With the new age of technology, hackers become a
reality, and new Robin Hoods emerge.

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4 Pennies

4 out of 5 Pennies

This is an emotionally charged book, it takes you on the journey with Cissy, her family, and friends dealing with the big “C” (cancer). While reading you go through every step with Cissy, while learning of her cancer to figuring out how and when to tell those around her, her treatments, and the people she meets along the way. While going through the remaining time with Cissy, you learn about how the government and pharmaceutical companies deal with funding and how it directly effected Cissy, her family, her friends, and the doctors as well.
The book is very well written and thought out, inspiring, and Cissy is a true life heroine. While there is no HEA, there actually is….
As it is, I hope that everyone comes out from reading this feeling as if Cissy is now a part of you, her courage, strength, humor, and love is what life is about….we are all given different tasks in life, it is what we do with those tasks that help us leave a mark on this world and those around us.

IMG_568890689935579RDS Pic

Rene is divorced and lives in a small community just north of Los Angeles where she raised her two sons. She loves to garden, try new recipes, take lots of pictures, and occasionally enjoys a glass of wine with dear friends. She’s never jumped out of a plane, climbed Mt. Everest, or seen the Northern Lights of Alaska. But, she has danced in the rain, sent a message in a bottle, and rode her motorcycle down The Pacific Coast Highway on sunny California days!

After her divorce, she waltzed into the world of online dating. She didn’t find her knight-in-shining armor, but instead in 2008, she wrote a very successful book on her entertaining experiences. Her first book “” was published by a small press and you can find it on Amazon.

Her first fiction novel “Bishop Street” came out in July 2013. This story is about four powerful friendships that begin at Bishop Street Orphanage. It continues with lies and deceit after they leave at eighteen. Then, twenty years later, redemption plays out and ultimately the strength that got them through their childhood becomes the catalyst that binds them back together.
Her passion of writing has lead here on the most amazing journey. Now, her focus is on fiction. She thrives on developing strong storylines that showcase today’s contemporary lifestyles. Rags to riches, Robin Hood, and surviving the odds, seems to be her one common denominator that showcases her fascinating and diverse characters.

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